Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Letting the Sweet Moments Trump the Not So Sweet

What a trying past month it has been. It's been a particularly difficult time parenting as we learn to deal with new behavior issues arising in both boys. Travels, packing to move, and so forth have just added to other stresses.

It's been a month of:

Dom reaching an all time high for yelling, ignoring us, and just plain old grumpiness and B being in full temper tantrum mode whenever he doesn't get his way, which is pretty much all the time. At least according to his holler factor.

Cutting my finger on the sharp edge of a packing tape holder. Stupid me stuck it in my purse and then reached in not looking. Needless to say... blood, pain, and way too much care o my finger tip.

Poop falling on the floor. Only cloth diapering moms will understand.

Dom (who has been potty trained for 1 year mind you) has been "wetting" his pants. Wetting equals a tiny spot that necessitates the changing of the underwear, but he's obviously in control enough to not thoroughly wet.

A flat tire on our only vehicle from us driving over a nail. I always thought that was only a movie thing.

Being on poop duty to find a pebble that B so sneakily swallowed. (All those poop haters, you're gonna have to get over it - I feel 30% of mamahood is bodily fluids).

Insomnia. Major insomnia. Along with a side of 1.5 year old who doesn't sleep through the night means one overtired mama.

Several overturned glasses of milk in one 24 hour period.

Major lack of patience from those who dwell here in the daytime (meaning not LegenDaddy). I've been trying my darndest to yell less and react out of my frustration not at all. It's only working 50/50. Which in turn just makes me mad at myself.

But in the midst of the daily undercurrent of complaining, frustration, and just life's toils, I'm also struck by the sweet things that have made it through.

Dom's listening and reactions may be under the bar we hold him to, but there are those moments you just want to kiss him for his kindness.

Like when I look back while driving, and I see him reach over to hold his brother's hand.

Or a few week's back, he noticed that Daddy had no towel hanging on his rod in the bathroom. So, he took it upon himself to go into the clean linens and pick him out a new one. Photo evidence below of this sweet move. I left it up all day until LegenDaddy actually needed a towel.

And I might be totally over B's screaming and laying on the floor whenever the waves don't flow in his direction.

But when I squat down to grab something out of the fridge, and I feel tiny arms grab around me, and I hear a tiny voice saying "Huuuug." Those moments I can hold forever.

I try not to use the blog as a complaining forum because really, who wants to hear a complainy voice all the time? At the same time, I think of the many times I hear people gush over how together I am or how great a mom I am. I thank you for these kind words. Because I am the one who knows that this morning when my 3 year old dumped food everywhere, I snapped back at him instead of taking into account that it was probably accidental.

Life is a flow of the good and the bad. It's not always easy, but it's not always hard either. And though I go to bed weary tonight, I plan to rise tomorrow looking for those sweet moments.

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  1. Going through some of the same issues over this way! We moved last year and had the same issues with the potty stuff. He'll get back into the swing of things! Have you ever read Greg Popcak's book Parenting with Grace? It is awesome & has helped us with our patience levels. Speaking of, I need to get it out as I've been mean mama lately!! Prayers coming your way. Hang in there.

    1. It's nice to hear I'm not the only one. I do know I am not, but still it's nice to have that sympathy bond. I haven't read that book, but I could use some Grace these days. Thanks for the recommendation, and thanks also for your prayers! Sending prayers your way, too.

    2. Also, your hair in your profile shot is THE cutest!!!


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