Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Capture LVI

A crazy week of packing up this house has left me with little energy and nothing much to share with you. It's been a lot of this:

And some of this:

Last week, however, we got a break from the packing and there was no wrap-up because we spent the 4th of July holiday weekend in Lake George (up in the Adirondack Mountains of NY) with LegenDaddy's extended family. The weather stayed cool enough to enjoy most of the time, and we did many great activities that we were able to check off our bucket list.

Due to lack of time and brainpower, you get to enjoy a mostly visual recap. Enjoy this super quick capture of our week, and hopefully as we get our lives back in line, I'll return to posts of a normal length and more quality stuffing. =)

Out of the Mouth of Dom

(You get extras when I miss a week!)

"I would love a plum! Is it like a plumcot?"

"This rubber band was yours from when you were an old lady."

"Ugh. It's Barbie. And princesses. This not for me! Turn it off."

"Mama, that nap was a boring one. I didn't even sleep."

Overheard from my boy who are "napping" in the other room:
"B, are we going on vacation in 3 days? Are we? Why yes, yes we are!"
Giggles from B.

Overheard this: "Bam! I just tranquilizered your computer!!!"
And this is what we get for introducing the boy to Madagascar.

David comes out and Dom tells him, "I ate two crumbs off that plate?"
"You ate the crumbs off that plate?"
"Yeah, two of them... Mom doesn't mind."
"How do you know she doesn't mind?"
"Cuz she's still sleeping."

Updates on Our B

My boy is a selfie LOVER. If he thinks there is a possibility of the phone camera coming out, he comes over, smashes his sweet lil cheek to mine and says "cheEEEEeeese!"


Introduced the boys to some awesome old time tap dancing routines this week just because. Both were completely glued to the YouTubes.

Checked off our Summer Bucket List

√ Feed ducks

√  Build a sandcastle

√  Swim in a pool

√  Visit 1 (of 2) new churches :: St. Peter's in Saratoga Springs, NY

√  Make jam

√ Watch fireworks

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  1. oh how i love old tap routines! where did all the talent go?!! hope your packing is moving right along.

    1. I always think the same thing though 4 of my 7 siblings are dancers - two pursuing it as a profession, so there is lots of talent flowing there. =)

      Thanks for good packing wishes - who knew how hard it'd be with little feet scampering about? Yeeks. But it is going fairly well. =)


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