Saturday, August 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes :: the Catholic Church, the Blog, and me

So as you probably have noticed I haven't joined in for the weekly Quick Takes link-up since way back in March. However, I have several announcements, you know blog related, life related, and the like, so I thought this would be an easy way to shortly ("quick" as these are...) tell you about them!

Also feel free to hum this week's title to the tune of "Rainbow Connection" because I certainly am.

Probably the BIGGEST announcement for us is that we're beginning our journey to join the Catholic Church. This obviously is a life related happening though it'll change the blog in some ways as well, making it a more decidedly Catholic approach.

For all you who thought I was Catholic already, sorry to confuse you. I get that a lot. The church we've been attending for the past 15 years for me + 11 years for LegenDaddy, although Protestant, has been something of a CatholicLite type church. And in the past few years we've been making serious strides towards the Roman Catholic faith as we practice the Liturgical Calendar in our home and make a point to celebrate Church holidays and the Saints. 

For all of you who are Protestant, I'd love to talk further if you have any questions about our coming into full communion with Rome. Please feel free to e-mail or otherwise contact me, and I'd be happy to answer whatever I can! I will also be sharing what we learn along our path here on the blog.

So, that's our biggest news. No baby, but two new homes within a month. =) We'll be meeting with the Faith Formation director at our new parish in the next few weeks to see where we personally are at and how to proceed from here. I'm excited and a little nervous. Prayers would be super appreciated!

I'm rather slowly attempting some changes around here on the blog. Working on an 'about me' and a blog descriptor, both of which I am super horrible at. Please leave me ideas of anything you think gives a helpful description of what Two Os + More is all about. I'd so appreciate the help.

And another change on the blog is that I'll be changing the name on the webpage. I will give you alerts via Facebook, Twitter, and here on the blog as much as I can when I do officially make the change. But I wanted to warn you it is coming soon. I've been thinking of doing so for awhile, but it's now finally happening. 

Because I don't host my own site, there will be no warning page that says, "Go here now," but rather it'll just say "This page doesn't exist." So, be forewarned: I'm not closing the blog, just renaming the address.

And to go along with all that headache... two giveaways are on the horizon!

One promo and one self-hosted. Keep watch, and they will appear.  =)

Changes (cue song by David Bowie) beget horrible attitudes in my children. These past weeks have not only been non-stop with getting out of the old house, unpacking our new house, and getting used to a new church, but my boyOs are testing my patience in completely new ways. Maybe they can tell I'm already constantly frazzled?

B has forsaken his newfound talent of sleeping in his own bed all night, which has left me with a crick in my neck this whole past week. Not to mention, he's above and beyond grumpy more than half the time. 

Cue grumpy mom. 

On a happier note, I'm prepping to take Son #1 out for his first movie theater experience today. Oh my goodness, I may be as excited as he is. Memories of going to see Beauty and the Beast with my Mama and Star Wars (when it was re-released) with my Dad are floating in my head. So flippin' excited.

We're going to see Planes because what else do you take the worlds biggest Cars fan to? I saw this review of the film over on the NC Register and figured it would have more pros than cons. 

I wrap this up with an adorable photo of my boyOs once again enjoying our backyard annnnd a request for your prayers as we experience all these extreme, yet wonderful, changes. Thanks!

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  1. So excited you all will be converting! I definitely thought you were already Catholic :P I'd love to hear the story of your journey to the Church sometime.

    I've been contemplating changing my blog name for a while but am just way too lazy to make the switch... What to do, what to do?

  2. Excited for your conversion journey!! We converted 3 years ago and I am so very grateful and amazed each day. Prayers for you!! Hoping you start getting more sleep soon...I'm still waiting for mine to come. A tired momma is no good around here...grumpster for sure!

  3. Congrats on the decision to join the Church! And thanks for the mention of the David Bowie song...not really, lol! Now it's stuck in my head right before bed.

    Catholic Woman’s Almanac

  4. Thanks for all your congratulations and prayers, ladies!


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