Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Favorites: Our New Home! {Vol. 19}

I posted a peek at our new house last week, but I figured since there's so much more to it that I might as well devote this week's 5 Favorites post to a visual peek at my favorite aspects of this new place. You know, besides the fact that there's no one beneath me banging on the ceiling...
Oh, and I'm keeping it real by not moving boxes and piles of stuffs from the frame. =)


Our reading room, which in reality is a spare room off of the Master bedroom. I think perhaps it's meant to be a dressing room, but as I don't need a whole room devoted to a task that I barely get 5 minutes a day to do, we are instead going to use this extra room to store extra books and supply with mountains of pillows to lounge upon.

You can't say you're not jealous... 

The above photos are obviously lacking in pillows. Please add many in your imagination. Thanks.


It's no secret that I LOVE our new backyard. It definitely deserves a spot in my Top 5 Faves. I'm just loving being able to step out of the back door into the grass. Heaven.

Also, I can read whilst the boys play outside. Every day. So much awesome.

Such a great change from our last place where we lived on the 2nd floor and the backyard was not only shared but also was wide open to the driveway and street.


All the details. I love the oldness of our house (1920s?) and all the unique details that entails.

 Yup, that's a picture of our toilet paper. 



Closets! (To be sung in a lovely sing-songy pitch)
Oh my goodness - I didn't realize how much I missed the extra storage. We now have a linen closet, coat closet, and every bedroom has a usable closet. So much more than we had before. Though the Master bedroom closet only fits LegenDaddy's clothes, so I keep getting questions from Dom like: "Why are there all these dresses in my closet?"


The light. Also not a small secret that I'm a lover of beautiful light. It's one of my musts when looking for somewhere to live. Being a photographer, light permeates most of my thoughts. I decorate and organize our belongings in relation to the natural light patterns.

I can say I'm perfectly content with the lovely rays that stream in my windows here.

Oh, and we have a working fireplace. Being August, it's not yet in my Top 5, but give it a few months, and it'll probably have to join. 

I'm certainly enjoying my new home, I hope you enjoyed this peek into part of it!


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  1. ooooh. looks perfectly lovely! I love the old school charm. and I'm mighty jealous of the reading room.

    1. Thanks! It is pretty lovely. I'm diggin the old schoolness, too. =) And hopefully the books and pillows will be added SOON, so I can truly enjoy the reading room.


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