Saturday, August 31, 2013

Out of the Mouth of Dom

Thanks for your patience, readers. I know this is one of your most favoritest parts of Weekly Capture. It's definitely one of my favorite parts of being a Mama. Especially this boy's mama. I love hearing what comes out of his mouth. Without further ado, enjoy.

"You look like The Penguin with your toothbrush in your mouth."

"Mama, is punch a kind of beer or juice?"

"Mom, can I play Google with you?"
"I think you mean Boggle."
"Ok, fine. Can I play Goggle with you then?"

"Mom, I'm hungry for tea. Could you offer me tea?"

"Can I have some blueberries?"
"Sure, you can have a couple."
"No... Can I actually have 4? A couple is just 2!"

"Mom, I need a napkin! My hands are pouring ice cream juice!"

I commented that a helicopter looked tiny, and Dom said "Remember,we talked about perspective?"

"Daddy today I saw 50 or 4 helicopters!"

"Mama, can I please lick his hair? It's funny + cute, and I like it."

Hearing D outside...
"Wait, who said you could go outside?"
His response:
"The screen just wanted to be open forever and ever."

Dom: "Thank you, B, for that chewed up cookie!"

David was attempting to read a bedtime storybook with a Southern accent. Dom keeps stopping him with "Daddy, Don't talk that way!"
To be noted: David switched to a German accent, and Dom doesn't seem to mind that...

"You did work all day, and work is pretty boring. And I did playing, and playing's not very boring."

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  1. I love what kids say :)...Dom has a great mind!

  2. Oh my gosh---"Remember, we talked about perspective." !!! Your little boy is so adorably precocious. How great that you get all of these gems down so that you won't forget them. I wish there was blogging back when my boys (aged 20 to 30 now!) were little. :)

  3. Beer or juice. Those are the only options :P


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