Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 Favorites {Vol. 22}

What a long and crazy few weeks it has been. You probably have caught on to this busy-ness in my life due to the lack of posts. As much as I'd love to have extra free time to spend here, I have been having to devote any I come across to finishing work jobs (photo sessions + consequent editing hours). So, for today I leave you with some favorites that have kept me going lately. =)

Enjoy, and go check out more favorites over at Moxie Wife.


Did you know Hugh Laurie was a singer? I didn't until about 2 weeks ago when I was grabbing my annual *PSL (that's pumpkin spice latte for those of you who don't do Starbucks speak) and saw his newer album 'Didn't It Rain.' Of course as soon as I got home I had to Spotify it (that word has ranked amongst 'Facebook' and 'Google' to join the ranks of noun/verb combo, right?)

Anyways, both the new album and his previous: 'Let Them Talk' are full of fun toe-tapping blues classics sung by Mr. Laurie and various other singers. My sons are now huge fans of "They're Red Hot."

*You'll notice the PSL didn't make my 5 Favorites. After trying it again this year, I was struck by how fake it tastes to me and just not tasty... apparently I haven't been drinking enough knock off drinks. So, I have made a goal to learn to make a homemade, more natural and tasty version. 


Puzzles definitely make this list because I can start the 3 year old with one in the morning and get a headstart in the day. He is thoroughly intrigued and willing to work at any that have interesting art. For that reason and for the reason that they hold up really well, we love Ravensburger Puzzles. I've actually been able to find a few used, too.


My aunt and cousin stopped by for a one night stay this past month and brought us a round of this delicious cheese. It is soooo good, and we still are making our way through it after a few weeks. Sisters at the Trappist Monastery, Our Lady of the Angels, in the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA make the Gouda in the Old World style using Dutch techniques. You can learn more about their process and how it supports the monastery as well as order yourself some here at their website


This sweater from Anthro is just sooo lovely. I did see it in person first, so I can attest to it's soft and cuddliness. I can't swing the price tag, but it definitely has made my 'wish list' if it ever goes on sale. =) Mustardy yellow fall colors, oversized goodness with a little bit of form for style. So perfect. 

Our weather though doesn't seem to agree that it's sweater wearing time yet...


And another wish list item that can be worn despite the unusually warm temps. The Marshall Earrings from Sheer Addiction Jewelry are super lovely, don't you think?
 I love the vintage vibes going on. Sheer Addiction uses vintage brass stampings combined with new fixings to create such lovely pieces. (And in NY state for that matter!) Give their whole shop a look!

Your favorites this week? Do share!

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  1. Hugh Laurie sings?! Take. my. money. :)

    1. I know - when I saw it in front of the Starbucks register, I, too, was taken aback. But since he can go from Jeeves + Wooster to 101 Dalmations to House.... I guess we can't be too suprised. =)

  2. I'm coveting the mustard yellows this year, too. And AMEN to the puzzles. We are big fans around here!

    1. Mustard yellow is one of the few yellows I can wear and not look sick. =) So, it's always a fave here. And hurrah for puzzles all around!


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