Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes :: Getting Back Into the Blogging Swing

Jumping back into the blogosphere has finally been added back to my daily task list. October, as you probably know, I mostly just dropped off the radar. Life needed me to focus my attention in other directions.

So, as I decided to turn some time this week in the blog's direction, life decided to deal me some more crud to deal with. It never stops - that's for sure! See QT #1 for yet another thing that has been added to my plate.

When it rains, it pours. I've received two family updates from my dad in the past 15 hours that a grandparent on either side of my family has had a medical emergency. On one side, it's just a matter of healing and the doctors learning what is awry. The other grandparent has been in a state of dying from Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia for years, and we have finally reached what looks to be the end. 

In short, prayers would be much appreciated as we go through the next few weeks. 

My mind is a mess right now, and I know my whole family especially needs prayers as we go through these moments. Thanks muchly.

On a more lighthearted note, check out these historical photographs that have been realistically colorized by several different artists. What a peek into yesteryear! It's fascinating, but I must say several of them, including the one above, remind me of a movie set now that they're in color. Some of them, such as the portrait of Mark Twain, I think look completely believable, and I can barely imagine them in B + W now...

This story that photographer, Angelo Merendino, captured of his wife's battle with cancer are not only beautiful, but oh so powerful as well. As a photographer myself, I am impressed with his approach that tells her story with so much dignity whilst being told from an emotionally close connection. To see more of the story and more photographers, see Mr. Merendino's website: The Battle We Didn't Choose.

I guess this Take ties in bizarrely with the previous two, but you can't keep a photojournalist major away from a great story told with such visual impact.

Speaking of photographs, B has been taking in my footsteps and whenever he can sneak my phone out of my line of vision, he flips on the camera and takes his own little artsy snaps. He was so proud of himself for this self-portrait of his bitsy toes. 

--- 5 ---

Time for a moving picture Take, and then I'll get off my photo spiel. My little brother is finishing up his last year at RIT and is working full time (and some) on completing his final film project. To see a little about it and follow his progress, you can go to the FB page for Odin 6 here. 

If you feel it in your heart (and pocket) to help a poor starving film student out, they have an IndieGoGo campaign page, and even $10 would be very helpful. You never know - in a few years when my brother makes it big, you can say you helped with one of his first pieces. ;)

This one would do better in a 5 Favorites link-up post, but as I haven't done one recently, it's ending up snuck in here instead.

I got the most awesome hat recently at a local Indie Arts + Crafts Show from Golden Hands Design. Not only is it super warm, but it reminds me of gnome-y goodness, so of course, it is now my new favorite. 

We finally got our first snow this past Monday, so perfect timing, too. It was a magical sprinkling of 1/2" or so that stuck around for a couple of days. Dom, immediately upon seeing it, requested that we go outside and build a snowman. B, who had mostly forgotten about the white stuff, was mostly just in awe though a little worried because it'd gotten on his pumpkin.

Lastly, I'm excited to share very soon some of our Advent plans for this year! I'm so excited. I loved our Advent celebrations and observations last year, and this year we will be building on those and adding some new ones! What are your family's traditions and plans for this coming Advent?

Happy Quick Takes, and look for more on what we've been up to in Tomorrow's "Weekly" Capture. =)

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  1. Number 2: beautiful!

    Welcome back! Your family and mental peace are in my prayers.

    1. Thanks for the welcome and most especially for the prayers. =)

  2. Great photo stuff... :)

    And, of course, prayers for your dear family, Sarah.

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers - they are much appreciated.

  3. Great photo stuff... :)

    And, of course, prayers for your dear family, Sarah.


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