Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Integrity is when you get new bones."

Sometimes Dominic just has too many great quotes to be included in one Weekly Capture, and in those cases, he gets a whole post devoted to his silly sayings.

"That's really good to suck on this." Out of context, it's way funnier, so I'll leave it that way.

After complaining there might be something in his refried beans, Dom commented:
"Oh, it might be the beans I was tasting. Yup, I think that's it."

"When I die, there will be two St. Dominics." - my ever humble son

I asked Dom to complete two more sips of milk before he could be excused:

"One... two.... and another for good luck."

 "Integrity is when you get new bones."

"I don't think I want to wear a shirt anymore."

"Or you can eat pumpkin butter straight up!" - Dom

Playing imagine pet store with my boy:
"Have fun with your pets, Mama! Take care of them and don't kill 'em."

"All my favorite foods are specifically my flavor." D

After begging and then going grocery shopping with me, he told me: "I went with you because you're the best mama ever."

"I'll be your company man, mama, because you were all by yourself."

David: "Weren't you going to tell me something?"
Dom: "I lost it in my mouth."

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  1. I love the quotes. Kids are so much fun! Have you thought of recording some of the best of his comments in a book that you can give him when he has kids of his own?

    1. What a great idea! I do keep an ongoing book/Moleskine journal of quotes that come out of my kids' mouths as well. Maybe I'll wait a few years and put together a photo book with quotes included. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Ha, I love all of these! Especially St. Dominic - he's hilarious :) Cecilia's convinced that she already IS St. Cecilia, so I suppose he could be a little less humble :P

    1. I figure I do want to encourage my children to live in a way that emulates the saints, so for now I guess, it's not *too* prideful.

  3. Just found your blog from Rosie's blog...these are hilarious! Thanks for sharing!


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