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Our Observances for All Souls + All Saints

I had such high hopes for our celebrations of All Hallow's Eve, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. I've never really done much of anything for these days yet in my life. But I figured, as we're on our way to becoming Catholic, I needed to look more into these holy days, one of which is a Holy Day of Obligation, and see what the big deal was.

However, we all came down with a nasty cold, which cancelled our plans to attend an All Saints Day party and made the rest of the weekend just kinda happen at a sloooow pace. Sickness really does whack us down fast.

Growing up neither my husband or I ever did much of anything for Halloween; rather, we'd tell others that we didn't celebrate it. We're still in the process of looking more into how we shall "celebrate" or observe All Hallow's Eve (more commonly known as Halloween) in our domestic Church. The following are some articles I though were particularly interesting or enlightening (or both!).

Halloween and Catholicism :: Fr. Steve Grunow writing for UCatholic

For All the Saints (and why I don't think Halloween is evil but we still won't celebrate it) :: Mary @ Better Than Eden

Halloween, Purgatory, and the Danse Macabre and What Scary Means to Me on Halloween :: Molly @ Molly Makes Do

Halloween: Love It or Hate It? :: Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy

How Halloween Can Be Redeemed :: Page McKean Zyromski writing for American Catholic

I'll share a little about what I hoped for each day and what actually happened.

All Hallow's Eve/ Halloween

As we're still thinking over what Halloween will look like to us - I especially appreciated Mary from Better Than Eden's views on just not letting it all become TOO much. I'm drawn to the community aspect of handing out candy and going around one's neighborhood, but I don't think I'd allow more than half of the candy to be consumed.

Our plans were to have a pizza party and read stories of Saints through the ages who showed us what it means for God as the light and truth to triumph over all evil. We did manage the pizza and a little bit of talking about Saints, but we were mostly just wiped out and ready for bed. I also treated the boyOs with some dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joes, which totally put Reeses to shame.

I also hoped we could carve our pumpkins into something. I debated between many ideas I'd heard from others: shining Eucharist host, knights and swords/shields, stars, crosses... This did not happen at all - instead our squirrels are helping to reshape our pumpkins.

All Saint's Day

We planned saints costumes, we planned to attend our homeschool group's party, we were soooo excited about this day, and then we mostly just rested. Due to LegenDaddy and I getting sick, too, the costumes weren't anywhere near done. Hacking coughs from the littles kept us home. Both LegenDaddy and I were able to attend mass with a little creative tag teaming.

At home, the boys and I talked about our favorite Saints and the blessing they are to us. We prayed our own version of the Litany of the Saints naming ones that we've learned about this past year. And then we rested.

The costumes did get finished thanks to some superb sewing/crafting skills from LegenDaddy... yeah, I didn't do much. The boys have been donning them around the house, and Blaise has even learned to say Francis, and he'll tell you that's who he is when wearing his robe. Dominic picked St. Dominic the first time I mentioned we would be celebrating All Saints Day and he should choose a Saint to dress up as. And that's who he is.

All Soul's Day

Another day I had great plans for. We don't know anyone buried near us, so we just planned to go to the local cemetery and pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary as a family. We ended up just using the day to catch up on sleep and rest and attempt to get our strength back.

SO, next year, I've already got our plans in place - maybe we'll even expand a little! I am excited as we learn more about these important Holy Days in the Church!

How did your family celebrate these three Holy Days? Do you have any traditions special to your family? I'd love to hear more, so please comment + share!

Hope you're doing well!

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  1. Our domestic church was minimal - I was feeling like death on Friday night and we didn't get to Church. But we did light a candle for the loved ones made Saints this year and that was nice. I'm hoping next year Henry will be old enough we can start explaining more about the day and the church things that follow, but we'll see. I thought our Halloween was just right - participated with the community for trick or treating (we went to like 6 houses and the kid was perfectly happy), dressed up together and just spent time together around the fireplace afterwards.


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