Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekly Capture LX

  These Roman Numerals are getting the best of me as you'll see if you look into the archives of the Weekly Captures. You who are rather exceptional at telling what the Is, Vs, and Xs mean will note right away that I haven't been counting in order and have instead possibly made up some random numbers.

2014 will find me finding a new system, but for now, know this is number 60, and THE first WC (which yes, I know also stands for Water Closet for you who are Canadian) since the beginning of September. Soooooo, be prepared for some serious updates about our little family. =)

Since the last post, we've mostly moved into our somewhat new home though I must admit the walls are still super bare thus meaning there are boxes of frames lying about the living room. That is my goal for this next week though. =) Although I can swing a hammer, I'm always hesitant to put holes in walls especially since I'm enough of a perfectionist that I care that it's right the first time.

We're nearly halfway through our Preschool curriculum, Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven. Dom is still enjoying it, and Blaise is able to join in on some of the simpler projects and of course any and all story times. We have found a local Catholic homeschool group to attach ourselves to in an attempt to make friends with like-minded folk in a similar walk of life. Last Wednesday we attended our first Preschool gathering, which was fun for all. Looking forward to joining in more activities over the coming months!

Catholic Church, here we come! David (otherwise known as LegenDaddy, but in this instance figured I'd make him sound mature) and I have been taking turns attending a weekly catechism "class"/bible study in place of RCIA. Due to lack of a babysitter, we've just been switching off, and then we share what happened afterwards. Our parish has this in place for those who have already been baptized and have grown up in a Protestant faith background or who are reuniting with their Roman Catholic faith.

The last checkbox on our "To get done to become Catholic" list has been taken care of: find a sponsor! A friend of ours has agreed to sponsor us, and we're so excited to have him behind us on this final leg as well as into our early days as Catholics. Our catechist has suggested that we pick a date in early 2014 (before Ash Wednesday), and we will be received into Full Communion with the Church then. Needless to say, we're pretty ecstatic!

In the Church year, we are gearing up to celebrate the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary this coming Thursday (November 21st), and then the feast of St. Cecelia a day later. The apostle, St. Andrew's feast is the last day of this month and the last day before the new Church year begins with the Season of Advent on December 1st! Have you seen all my Advent ideas popping up over on my Pinterest board: Domestic Church: Advent, Christmas, + Epiphany?

Other exciting things are coming on Two Os + More, including a few giveaways and a long awaited redesign. =) Also, please be on the lookout for the coming of a really excited project put together by Molly of Molly Makes DoOrdinary Acts. I have a few pieces that will be featured, and there are several other great bloggers with articles submitted, too. Volume I is going to be released very soon, so make sure you are signed up via e-mail or blog reader (both are easy to do - just go to the site and look on the left).

Without further ado, here are the updates you've *really* been waiting for. 

My Dom Boy

With his 4th birthday right around the corner, our Dom is growing up more and more each day. These days he is attempting read any word he can sound out and is fascinated with how spelling works. He's beginning to get the hang of numbers and basic addition, but words definitely are his primary interest right now. 100 piece puzzles are his newest challenge, and he only will do things if the picture is interesting enough. And of course, the things that come out of his mouth: still hilarious. A separate post highlighting them coming tomorrow.

And, no, he doesn't wear glasses - he's just taken to wearing a pair of costume ones he found in my stash.

Mr. B

Aging in at 22 months now, Blaise is joining his brother in funny quotes:

Me: "Boys, what do you want for dinner?"

D: "I'll have some curry."

B: "Pizza. Hot Sauce?"

His vocabulary has exploded in the past month, and he is now stringing phrases and being overly specific like nobody's business. Teeth also decided to all come in, and possibly related to that, B is now a horrible sleeper. Refusing to sleep in his bed, screeching at LegenDaddy if he tries to calm him away from Mama, and waking up to 8 times a night. Yes, coffee *is* my bestest of friends most days.

Listening To + Consequently Singing

Dom - Lonesome Polecat from '7 Brides for 7 Brothers'

Blaise - Thomas' Anthem from 'Thomas the Tank Engine'

The Parents - Wake Me Up (Acoustic) by Aloe Blacc

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  1. Dom looks so industrious w/ those scissors! :)

    1. You should see B - he is determined to master scissors and could care less about the "right way" to hold them. Eeks.


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