Sunday, December 1, 2013

Trading Technology for Silence {Advent Unplugged}

I am mentally in the middle of three posts, all a little on the late side, but here is one extra on top of those. I saw this post on Carrots for Michaelmas earlier on in the week and thought immediately to myself "Ooooh, yeah, no that might be too much." And then I tried to come up with three good reasons for not giving up some of my over-loved technology. And of course, I couldn't.

So, joining I am. A little grudgingly, I must admit. But as I often tell my kiddOs, "It's good for the soul, and sometimes we just have to deal." Thus, I am linking up to Advent Unplugged in the last 4 hours of the link-up. But as I haven't lit my Advent candle yet, I think I'm doing ok...


Here are my plans for an Unplugged Advent Season:

Moving the social media apps from my phone, so they're not on the front screen. Therefore, if I am out and need to check something, I can, but I'll be avoiding it as much as I can. I also plan to not carry my phone around as much as possible.

I work from my desktop, so I can't turn it off completely, BUT I will limit that time (Enter: timers!), and level of productivity will play into whether or not I'm on the computer. So, minimal social media and messing around, more blogging (perhaps?), and lots of peaceful Advent tunes.

Engage in some reading that I've been putting off otherwise this year. *Cough, cough* Orthodoxy by G. K. Chesterton should be a first. Yeeps - it's been over a year since it was added to the "To Read" list. With all that extra time NOT spent on FB, Pinterest, and the like, I should have more than plenty the hours to put into digging in.

Spend time doing fun and memory-building activities with my boyOs. It's my oldest's birthday today, and let me tell you, four years FLIES by. I keep tearing up just thinking about it. We are going to make many of our gifts for extended family this year, so I'd love to spend time working on my patience and flexibility while getting my craft and artsiness on with these precious peoples.

Include moments of focused silence in my day. Even just 15 minutes of quiet prayer time or a few decades of the rosary would be so beneficial to my soul. Though I know this deep down, those 15 minutes rarely appear readily. So make that time, I shall.

And that concludes that. I plan to be simple in my Advent "plans" this year and attempting as little over-planning and stuffing up of my schedule as possible. If you want to join me, Haley, and other in Unplugging Advent, you can go here to sign up. However, you must HURRY because as I said, I've been procrastinating in signing up... Or you could always do it all on your own. Feel free to let me know if you in the comments, and I will offer up a rosary or chaplet for you this Advent season!

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