Monday, January 27, 2014

24 Weeks + WIWS {Vol. 3}

I figure since I am more than halfway through this pregnancy, I owe you an update on Mr. bebe. I passed the 24 week mark this past Thursday, and while it does seem like time is passing me by ridiculously fast, I also have felt the daily drag of this pregnancy more so than my other two.

I have been trying to keep my head up and push through with as little complaining as possible because I know so many women who are trying desperately to get pregnant or who have had their sweet babies taken from them so early. But, still I am plodding through the hardest pregnancy thus far. 

Take all the hard things from my pregnancy with Dom - water retention, super swelling, aching back (and this time all new - hips!) and combine with it the bad things from Blaise's: nausea and heartburn to kill. I keep waiting for that glimmer in the 2nd trimester that is always promised and which I did see in my last two pregnancies. I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist this go round.

I have never, ever, ever, ever been this tired, and I pushed myself on 3-4 hours of sleep a night in college. Nothing compared to this. Blaise has been completely weaned because that was an added drain on my energy, but he still insists on sleeping in our bed at night. About half the time I pass out with the little man while putting him to bed at 8:30 or so. Then I wake up with him most mornings, and then I end up napping nearly every day.

I have tried everything to figure out what might make my stomach feel somewhat settled - added vitamins (helps sometimes), small meals, spicy, no spicy, eliminate sugar, and so forth. It's disheartening to constantly feel so gross.


The little man is growing as healthily as he can. Lucky us got to see him twice via ultrasound. The first one back in December that let us peek and see that we were adding to our army of brave little men was only half done - the technician didn't get any looks at his heart, and we decided since that was something we did want to check up on, we'd schedule a second look.

Thus, last week, we got to see BabyO III a second time. Isn't he just gorgeous? He's got a personality unto himself already. Little man keeps his ankles crossed, from what we can tell, pretty much all the time.

The calm stops there though. His tiny fists are nonstop. I keep telling the boys that their brother can hear them and all the chaotic noise they make, and he's coming our punching. Ready or not...

We don't name our boys until post birth, but even with a well rounded boys' name list from the past two, I'm drawing blanks right and left for this one. Good thing I have some time to work on thinking of possibilities. If you have any favorite male saints, do share! 

Here is an obligatory bump shot at 24 weeks, 3 days, awkwardly posed selfie just for you:

Pulled in LegenDaddy for the full length (and please do enjoy the art space my boyOs have created in front of the fireplace).

And since I took the bump photos yesterday post-Mass and you care about my outfit details, I'm linking up with What I Wore Sunday over at FLAP. Enjoy my "Finally wearing maternity clothes but they don't fit quite right yet" outfit.

What I'm sporting:

Dress: Gap Maternity Grey Sweater Dress
Scarf: A gift from my mama awhile back
Leggings: Aerie, found at TJ Maxx, many a year ago
Shoes: Birks, found at Savers for $8 (!)

Also, this outfit did not hold up to the chilly temps Rochester was sporting yesterday. I have decided threadbare leggings just don't cut it. And perhaps a sweater next time...

More fun outfits put together for Mass to be found here.

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