Friday, January 31, 2014

For the 100th Time {7QT}

Ever feel like you have told someone something literally one hundred times? "Pick up your dirty socks!" "Stop poking your brother!" "I don't care how much you love IronMan. When it's school time, your pencil goes in your writing hand." "For the hundredth time, stop...!"

You get the picture. This cabin fever (as so fondly illustrated by Kelly and sympathized to on all levels by Christy) just multiplies that feeling that I might, in fact, be going bat shit crazy by the constant repetition in our lives.

Whilst linking up with Jen, I'll try to give you a taste of what I'm pretty sure I've done at least a hundred times today or at least this week.

(Oh, and exaggeration, not one of my issues. Don't discuss with LegenDaddy - he might try to persuade you otherwise.)

Wiping noses. Probably my least favorite of all. But, hey, why not start with something we all do way more than we wish. If Blaise can feel the snot in his nose, he asks for it to be wiped. So, really, I'm just wiping up a feeling. It makes him happy though, so I suppose that's worth it.

I long for the day when noses can be wiped by their owner's. Especially in those moments when I go to grab the already grossly overused hankie, only to find my hand has found the snotty bits.
Answering the feeding call of the young. Pretty sure I live with lion cubs for the amount of times I hear "Do you think we could have a snack now?" and "I'm hungry! Can we eat?" And of course, the "snacking foods" are particular likes of theirs'. Not just anything will suffice.
This task becomes 87% more challenging when the kitchen pantry is mostly empty due to above mentioned colds combined with the negative degree windchill we've experienced most of the week.
The poking your brother comment up at the top. Nope, wasn't kidding there. What is it about long winter days that makes small people want to physically irritate one another until the victim screeches? Sheesh.
Both my kiddos are introverts for the most part, but Dom has decided that he must have a playmate at *all* the times now. Blaise attempts to hide, Dom follows and then will come to let me know that "No one will play with me!" You'd never know that we've been going out of our way to add extra indoor fun and activities to our days.

You know when you have invested in many, many beautifully illustrated and written children's books, and then your two year old insists on reading that one poorly composed book over and over and over? 

If you have or have had a two year old, of course you do.

It's in their nature to seek out the one book hiding on the shelf that is your least favorite and beg to read it again and again...

"Our" current favorite is this one:

At least I can almost sneak a small catnap in while reading it since I have it memorized.

--- 5 ---
Not knowing what to make for dinner. Dinner, what is that? Do we *need* to eat that meal? Yes, I know this is very closely related to #2, but still the need for snacks and the need to have a somewhat substantial dinner on the table in a timely manner do vary some.
Even when I meal plan, I seem to lack all the energy and drive to actually stick to it and cook when the time comes. This might have something to do with almost every dinner meal I've eaten in the past few weeks making my stomach churn and knot.
This baby on the inside definitely does not equate me eating with him growing. He's a little stinker in his own way.

Starting a chapter of my book over again. Again, I think any mom with tiny people dancing around her while she attempts some precious reading time knows this feeling. I'm not even sure when the appropriate time is to just give up trying and stop reading that one sentence and a half over and over. When I've memorized it? When I could most likely write it backwards?

Lastly, in no special relation to the above except that I have mentioned the Sheenazing Awards quite a few times in the past week...

Thank you!!! Thank you to each and every one of you that voted for me. I didn't win in any categories, but I was still honored to even be nominated, so thank you for that. It was a ray of sunshine in this dreary month. 

While you're at it, make sure to go check out the Winners and the Nominees for many great blogs to keep your days full of wonderful reading.

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  1. Oh, I hear you on the snotty hankie bits! Ugh.

    Also, that book? Down at the Docks? I snuck it into the giveaway pile a couple of weeks ago and somehow, Lucy dug it out before I could properly dispose of the bag. I wanted to weep.

    1. Right? It's ridiculous how they always find the awful ones. Our "Get Rid Of" bag is ever switching because the toys/books are rediscovered...

  2. For the record I can still sing the entire down by the docks song even though Byron out grew Thomas two years ago. The younger two boys couldn't care less about the extensive train, book or video collection Byron amassed during his five year obsession. I never thought I would get sick of anything as much as I tired of Thomas, but here we are in the midst of a huge ongoing family obsession with Star Wars that just. won't. end. Sigh. The original Thomas stories were fun, but yes, those simplified picture books were always poor and fell apart so easily too.

    1. I'm hoping the Thomas obsession dies out with Blaise. I don't think I could handle another kid into it this much. Now I think Star Wars could be fun... I may change my mind in years to come though.

  3. #4: preach it, sister. Around here, those books usually end up being given to Goodwill "tp make some other kids happy." Maybe not their parents though…

    1. Ours might be making it to a consignment sale come Spring. I know other will! Yay for making other kids happy. ;)


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