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Weekly Capture: First in the New Year!

I know, I know, we're more than halfway through January, and I definitely owe you some family updates. But you know how sometimes life thinks it humorous to keep knocking you down? Yup, we've had little things (and a few big) keep whacking our feet from under us since November. Car troubles, a broken water heater, a funeral, the polar vortex, several random sicknesses, and then a rousing round of the stomach flu. It just hasn't let up. I have high hopes for the rest of January.

New Year's found us down at my grandparents' "Farm." The family as a whole refers to it as a farm, and even though at one point it did host a few domestic animals, now it's just dogs, cats, and a whole lotta land. Oh, and four residences that not only host my grandparents, but also one of my aunts and her family and several of my cousins.

Bet your New Year's celebrations didn't feature an accordionist. 

It's become a family tradition for the whole extended family to attempt to make it back each year for New Year's. To be noted, our family is HUGE: 2 grandparents, their 7 kids (and spouses), 35 grandkids, 8 grandkids-in-law, AND 15 great-grandkids (a few of them are still cooking). More than half the people made it back this year, which made for quite the New Years Eve party, complete with mass and dinner out at a restaurant that amazingly invites us back year after year.

Movie Time at The Farm where VHS still reigns strong.

Our trip was extended by a day due to a crazy snow storm blowing it's way across New York and Pennsylvania. Our choice of safety over getting home ended up being extra wise because Blaise came down with the stomach flu that night. The poor baby just wanted water, and every time he drank it, it came up again. Blech. Mostly all over LegenDaddy and I. Nothing like being at the end of a trip, pretty much out of clothes, and your remaining clothes being puked upon.

By offering Blaise a tablespoon of water and 1/2" slices of bananas every 30-45 minutes, we had him holding food by morning. Despite my typical aversion to medicating children, we offered him Baby Tylenol to counteract a fever he was running and to help him calm down and rest some. We still got barely any sleep, but it was enough to head homeward the next day.

Sick days.

Oh, and just to add some drama, one of my cousins (local to the area) had a baby, and another had her car break down on the way home and had to be rescued, so her car could be repaired. You know, the life of a big family.

Once home, we were already to the 10th day of Christmas. We ended the Season with a celebration of LegenDaddy's birthday and some simple family at time on Twelfth Night before Dom and David succumbed to the stomach flu on Epiphany. This kept our Epiphany celebrations rather limited -- the boys unwrapped their final Christmas gift, which was a set of Three Kings by Playmobil. I was the last to fall to the bug three days later.

The next week was fairly uneventful, but my boy did turn 2 (!). He's grown up so, so much in the past few months, and I cannot believe that Mr. Blaise is already as old as his brother was when B was born. If you haven't read his birth story yet and are into that sort of thing, you can check it out here. I know I'm always a sucker for birth stories.

We're up in the calendar to this past week. We had a pretty great week; our car did not. The beginning of the week found our solo vehicle in the shop for rusted brake lines. And by the end of the week (ie. yesterday), it was back in the shop, this time for an alternator + battery replacement. So, it has been a somewhat expensive week for us.

In between those two shop visits, our car transported us down to DC for the March for Life.  It was by far the coldest one I've been to in the past 11 years. Oh my! Our poor boys, despite their being used to ridiculous NY temps, were freezing. Dom was crying off and on from his hands being just SO cold. With the windchill, the weather dropped to as low as 3 during the day. But, March we did.

One bundled boy ready to March for Life.
My aunt and uncle, who live within an hour of the Capitol, graciously let us camp out at their house as home base, so on Wednesday, we parked at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and then took the Metro in. I'd love to go back again when I have more time to peek in every chapel - it was so beautiful though. What an awe-inspiring place to be. I also hope we can attend a mass next time. Blaise was sure it was in actuality a castle.

And home again, home again, jiggity jog! We are back in The House of O prepping for a small party with some friends to celebrate Blaise later today, and then back into the grind of what I am so hoping will be a few drama-less weeks.

All my hopes for being a more frequent poster have *not* been forgotten - I promise. I feel like the worst blogger ever. However, if you're even still reading this, I was nominated for not one, but Two (!) Sheenazing Awards over at A Knotted Life. If you feel like spreading the love, vote for me in either Best Under Appreciated Blog OR Best Lifestyle Blog HERE. I'm so honored to be amongst so many greats, and a huge thank you to whoever you were that nominated me. =)

What has your January been like thus far? I hope you've been more healthy, had less car problems, and perhaps even been warmer than us! 

Here's to seeing more of you and you seeing more of me Soon!


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