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What I Read in 2013

We're already a week into 2014, and here I am, finally writing up my list of BEST books I read last year. I definitely did not read anywhere near as many books as I hoped, but I did discover some lovely new favorites. And a few not so interesting ones. And did some overkill reading in the mystery department, as per my usual.

I am aiming to link up with both Haley AND Anne with this post to, you know, make the most of practicality and my time and all that good stuff. I tend to be an overachiever with my Hopes as far as what to read. You will soon realize this if you saw my list of what I hoped to read from last year and then you look below and see some of those books are missing. My paths also got diverted by interesting looking covers calling my name at the library and recommendations from friends.

Presently I'm attempting to keep my head above water with the laundry that comes from just returning from out of town and playing nurse to two sickies. They're good with yet another viewing of the Planes movie, so here goes:

BEST reads of 2013



My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir by Colleen Carroll Campbell - I can't recommend this one enough! If you haven't read it yet, add to your 2014 list! A spiritual memoir it is called, but really its just a window into her soul and the stories of saints that she befriended along her life's journey. All I can say is READ IT!

Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism by Scott and Kimberly Hahn - Another spiritual story. This one was very informative though not as personal as My Sisters... - it was very helpful for me as this past year has been our Protestant into Catholicism journey, and it answered or pointed to answers for a few questions that I had about the Church.

The Girl in Blue by P. G. Wodehouse - I'm a fan of P. G., so this automatically puts it on the best reads for me. A little more on the story's plot, see this post.

The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis - Another great Lewis classic - this book is allegorical approach to Purgatory, yet another subject that I've spent a fair amount reading and studying up this past year.

Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic by David Currie - Another conversion story full of informative truths about the Church that was a great read for me on our journey.

Call the Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times and Shadows of the Workhouse by Jennifer Worth - A fun read after watching the TV series the past few seasons. I enjoyed seeing it a little more from Jenny's view, even more so than the show. Many of the stories are similar, but I felt more of her spiritual journey was revealed in her writing.

Pope Awesome and Other Stories by Cari Donaldson - I did read a lot of spiritual journey kind of books this year, didn't I? BUT they were all awesome in their own way. This one not only has Awesome in the title, but it also brought in a hilarious and truly real look at a family and woman that live their faith to their best. Such a wonderful book - another I say, Add to your 2014 list if you haven't read it yet!

Feast!: Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year by Daniel + Haley Stewart - this is one of the few cookbooks out there that I can say I truly read and not just browsed. It's a wonderful introduction complete with great recipes (of course!) to living out the liturgical year in your home.

Others that were good, but not my faves

Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague by Geraldine Brooks - A fun beach read, but I wouldn't say it's much more.

Cordelia Underwood: Or, The Marvelous Beginnings of the Moosepath League by Van Reid - Fun characters, but the writing style was not my favorite. I'm debating over whether to continue with others in the series.

Mediocre to Not Worth It

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: Book I: The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood - I finished it so that says it wasn't a complete waste of words, but I didn't have the heart to pick up book 2, so take that how you will...

And then I read a lot of Mysteries including Books by the following Authors:

Margaret Maron
Rhys Bowen
M.C. Beaton
Mary Jane Clark
Sister Carol Anne O'Marie

and by alot, I mean at least 50.

And because I'm always in the middle of a few books, I'm still reading

Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage by Kimberly Hahn

The Unaborted Socrates: A Dramatic Debate on the Issues Surrounding Abortion by Peter Kreeft

That's pretty much the jist of what *I* read in 2013 - I'd love to know what you read! Share your favorite books from last year in the comments. What is on your list for 2014?


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  1. Glad you liked Born Fundamentalist! I'm about half way through Rome Sweet Home right now! I just want a tiny copy of My Sisters to carry around always right now.

    1. I agree about the Mini My Sisters - CCCampbell has now made it to one of the people I want to meet. =)

  2. I really need to read some P. G. Wodehouse, finally. Maybe in 2014?

    Thanks for sharing your favorites with us!

    1. Oooh, yes, yes, you should! I suggest starting with some ever beloved Jeeves + Wooster. =)

      Thanks for having such a fun link-up!


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