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5 Favourite Products for Our Home - Preschool

Our Home-Preschool is finally back in full swing with my 2nd trimester energy kicking in at the last minute (you know, right as I roll towards the 3rd trimester). Plus, Dominic has had a newfound love for getting his school done, which as anyone attempting scheduled learning with an active preschooler should know: that's a miracle to be taken advantage of!

   The homeschool path in this house at present loosely follows the Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven curriculum, which I highly recommend for any and all Catholic mamas. We attempt one letter a week, allowing the wiggle room for those weeks where holidays, vacations, visiting family, and just too much life are happening. At the age of 4, Dominic is at that point where he can do many of the activities, crafts, and whatnot each week no problem. We try to never spend more than 1.5 to 2 hours total on school related activities as I am still a huge believer in play and imagination making up the most of Preschool learning.

Sometimes we leave our curriculum though, and for those times, here are 5 of our Favourite additional schooling items that we use around the O House.


A counting and color learning aid that lasts for years. From a 2 year old learning the difference between brown and yellow to a 2nd grader beginning to group and perform simple multiplication problems, these span quite a bit of fun. In all honesty, half the time in our house the boys make stacks of minimalist art to create their favourite superheroes.


Teaching a preschooler to hold a pencil correctly making you want to pull your hair out? Try these - I got these a few months back, and now I rarely have to fix how he is holding his pencil. It's amazing how much easier attempting writing is when Dom can hold his pencil with ease. 


This counting device, this particular one made by Melissa & Doug, has made counting and simple addition a cinch in our school days. It's perfect for my hands on, visual learner. Numbers haven't been Dom's favorite side of school, but when we use a helping tool like this, it makes them fun enough for him to want to explore more.


Not only does our A + C bin aid in getting the activities called for in our curriculum done, it allows for encouraging the creative side of both my kiddOs (ages 2 + 4) at all times. Crayons or glue and sequins often come out while I'm throwing dinner together both as a way to bring art into our days and a form of entertainment for them.

See the link above for a post from the archives for how we began to build our bin and what we included. 


A Timer

It doesn't have to be as fancy as this Time Tracker Mini from Learning Resources, but let me tell you a Timer has been one of the most effective things in keeping our whole house, schooling included, in an efficient state. I usually use the timer on the kitchen stove or on my phone.

Because I have an active 4 year old and asking him to sit still for long periods is a lot for him, I choose to instead make sure he knows I'll never make him work more than 20 or 30 minutes without a play break. We also often find ourselves timing his play periods, the amount of time I'll spend doing a task before giving him or Blaise my full attention, and so forth. It helps us all not lose track of time.

- - - - - - - - - -

Like I said at the beginning, I'm a firm believer that play is still a HUGE part of learning for preschoolers and even during the grade school years. Reading also plays a major part in our learning. We definitely believe cultivating our children's imagination is a vital part of encouraging who they are becoming. However, I wanted to share just 5 things, so I kept it focussed specifically towards things that have helped us with the more formal side of our schooling.

Do you have any products or ideas that you've found to help your PreSchoolers learn at home more effectively or that have aided you as a mama/teacher? I'd love to hear as I'm always looking for new ideas! Please feel free to share in the comments!

To be noted: this week's '5 Favourites' post is featuring the letter 'U' because it is brought to you by a guest host: Christy of Fountains of Home. Her blog is quite lovely, so make sure you not only check out her 5 Favourites this week, but also her other wonderful posts (especially her recent: The Catholic Subculture is cooler than you think)

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  1. The pencil grips! Great idea! :)

    1. They definitely are - Dom loves them but they also make my life SO much easier.

  2. This is so helpful! Our first little one is on the way and we are planning to homeschool, especially during the preschool/early elementary years. I'm always on the lookout for great resources and I will have to bookmark this for the (notsodistant) future :)

  3. Yes to the pencil grips! And everything else too, but I really have to buy more pencil grips...

    Thanks for linking up Sarah, great post!

    1. The pencil grips are the best - especially this brand. There's a perfect spot for each finger to fit in and hold correctly. Love them!

      Thanks for hosting. =)

  4. I'm trying to decide on those unifix cubes - we've just been using our duplos, which we already have and seem to serve essentially the same purpose... Any big difference you see?

    I'm probably going to need to get some grippers though - I've always held a pencil incorrectly and John Paul's actually doing really well buuuuut I feel like he'd enjoy having a grip just to reinforce!


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