Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dumping the Mama Bag Aka Diaper Bag

It's day numero dos over at Jen's 7 Posts in 7 Days and since it's been one of *those* days, I'm pulling a double link-me-up and joining Kendra over at Catholic All Year for The Big Purse Dump. My "purse" is nowhere near as cute as hers, but we do have one item in common and I actually meant for mine to be in there. So, join me in rifling through the recesses of my Mama Bag aka the Diaper Bag.

When you become a mom, purses become that extra thing you are lugging around. Or at least in my case. And, that is when I switched to just hauling around a diaper bag. I did much research in buying this Skip Hop Duo Deluxe bag before Blaise was born as I would have TWO boys in cloth diapers. Plus, I'm a huge fan of pockets all around. I have loved this bag thoroughly, but with baby #3 on the way, I have been debating looking for a new more fabulous and more purse-like bag that I could buy an insert like this Baby Bag from Lily Jade for. Thoughts? Opinions? Bags you've loved?

And onto the DUMPING. You shall know I did not cheat by the random um crud that I uncovered within this bag of many crevices.

Note that the true part of this bag that belongs solely to moi is that cute little handmade bag I found at a Indie Arts fair. You can find your own here at the artist, Emily Bellinger's Etsy shop. Mine reminds me of Charlie Brown and makes me happy.

Within my part of the bag (clockwise):

Pile of cards: credit, debit, license with a freakin' awful 7am photo of me when I was 10 weeks pregnant with boyO #1, bag, pen, 81¢ in change (whoopee!), a well loved but not old Burt's Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil (anyone else think their "regular" scent/flavor somewhat gross? Also, I never know if chapstick is a scent or a flavor...), proof that after 3 visits to the blood lab and 2 to the midwifery office I now have my RhoGam shot (yay negative blood types!), one coffee punch card (I *do* cheat here - 10 cheap plain cups o' Joe and then a FREE fancy drink), one receipt for library fees - late books yet again, one receipt/proof of purchase for a zoo membership (hey, it was above freezing level Sunday).

Since my bag is in reality a diaper bag, I also have Diaper goods in it:

One baby changing mat (mostly to shield my toddler's head from nasty floors since he's too large for those silly changing pull down stations), one fancy Dino wetbag Imagine diapers, Grandma El's Diaper Cream, a lone bamboo diaper liner, and wipes.
Owning only a set amount of diapers tends to have me throwing a diaper in as we leave the house hence the no diapers.

Items I know why they are in the diaper bag (clockwise):

One Saint card (part of our quiet set at mass), Episcencial face cream for my kiddO's ever dry faces, First Aid kit + bandaid (probably Cars or Batman), BabyGanics foaming hand sanitizer, one water bottle (usually there's a 2nd one - B must have pilfered it), a comb (here's my item that matches Kendra's - difference is I know why mine's in here because sometimes my hair just falls to pieces when out), 3 gin-gins (for my nauseous pregnancy moments that still happen time to time despite the fact I'm nearly in the 3rd Trimester !!! ), a pile of TJ's fruit flats (otherwise known as lifesavers when we're still out running errands and it's lunch time), a pen (you can never have too many), Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia for those times when chapstick isn't schmancy enough, and clothespins (you might wonder why, but these "clippies" transform any napkin or towel into a bib. Why 4? I was wondering the same thing).

A second wallet. 
Reasoning for this one: when going in a store, I just grab the Charlie Brown one, but this one has extra stuff like insurance cards, way too many of those punch cards, business cards, and membership cards.

Winter Gear (pretty self explanatory)

Two hats - one per boy, fingerless gloves for the mama, a pair of BabyLegs Leg Warmers (they double as wrist warmers as the boyOs get older), and one random pair of socks (not sure about that one).

And lastly, you have the pile of I don't know why the heck it's in there (clockwise):

Pouch for sunglasses
(not much use without their holdee), a prayer card that was supposed to be given to LegenDaddy alongside homemade Valentine's Day cards, a crumpled up bag of instant hot chocolate, a penny, a safety pin, pile of hair supplies (whoops, categorized those wrong), sunscreen (yup, for ALL that sun we've been getting), really OLD Listerine strips, a ToysRUs gift card with less than $2 on it (you couldn't pay me to go back in that store to use it), teething gel and tablets (you could say I'm planning WAY ahead, yes, let's go with that), minimal garbage: corner of a fruit flat pouch, a tissue, two pieces of broken clothespin; an insert to Blaise's water bottle that we never use, and two pacifiers, again for the baby who isn't here yet.

And there you have it: one FULL of stuff Mama/Diaper bag. What's in your purse???

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  1. Your comb is WAY cuter than mine.

    I love your Charlie Brown pouch.

    I am totally going to start packing clothes pins. Genius.

  2. Oh man, I hate Toys R Us. Can't pay me to go in there either! You're the only other person who has as many Burt's Bees products as I do in your bag! I love that. hahaha

    1. ToysRUs was not made by a parent, that's for sure. It's overwhelming, induces whininess, and we couldn't even find something that my boys wanted. It was mostly just stuff they'd settle for. Ugh.

      And hooray for Burt's Bees - their lip stuff is really all I regularly use, but it is great.

  3. I have a very full second wallet as well that I always forget at home or in a different purse. Oops!


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