Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Capture: Warmer temps, boy quotes galore, and WIWS {Vol. 4}

What's that I hear? It's birds! Birds chirping outside my window as I type. Wow - after this ridiculous winter, what a joyful and welcome sound that is. The weather has warmed up to a balmy 30 degrees here in Western NY, and it is just lovely. Even my dish soap is celebrating by becoming liquid once more.

In other news, Lent is in full swing in the liturgical season as it started last Wednesday with some ashes all around. You can see more of what that looks like in our household for me and for our kids. I'm also participating in co-hosting my first ever Link-Up: A Lenten Meal Plan with BethAnne and Abbey. A new post with another invitation for you to join in and share your recipes will be on the blog tomorrow morning! Speaking of Abbey, we're on the 5th day of her #HolyLens project, and it's not too late for you to join in.

The change in weather has brought about an amazing amount of newfound energy for this pregnant mama. BabyO III hit the 30 week point this past week, and he is very active, often keeping me up late into the evening hours. Last night I got a glorious 7 hours of sleep in a row. What with a sick Blaise  and Mr. WiggleyPants (or as my boys remind me often "pants-less" because he's got no clothes on in there), I have been up every few hours during the night the past two weeks.

I am starting to consider what might need to be done for this little man's arrival in two months, but my list is short. Clothing wise he's naked as of right now because he's my first spring/summer baby, but I'm hedging my bets on spring consignment sales to carry me through that need. Otherwise, I have cloth diapers (still need pre-washing), a co-sleeper to wash and set up, and some personal mama care items. But, that's it. What do you need when it comes to baby #3? Is there anything I should still think to have ready? Please share your wisdom, so I don't completely forget some extremely important detail.

The boys are eager both for the warmer playing outside kind of weather and to meet their new brother. We've been keeping up our schooling consistently, and I hope to wrap up Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven: A Catholic Preschool Curriculum right before the baby shows up. Dominic is already starting to read sight words and sounding out harder ones as well, so I think this summer we'll begin a reading program at a slow but steady pace. We got an amazing opportunity for Dom to take one-on-one swimming lessons, and jumping at it, we signed him right up. From his first week of not getting in the pool, he has been making amazing progress and is already "swimming" some with no help. It will make for much less stressful summertime swimming activities for me, that's for sure.

Both Dominic and I are working on our attitudes for Lent - we've decided to try and be patient and kind first before giving in to frustrations. It's crazy having a mini-me, but sometimes it is a beautiful thing to understand how his little mind works. The Lenten bean jar and our CRS Rice Bowl have been outstanding at showing him visually the triumphs he is making when he chooses rightly.

Keeping pace with his older brother, Blaise is learning to recognize letters, numbers, and colors as well as attempting to memorize our weekly verse and poem. Much more so than Dom, Blaise adores drawing, and I have found it a most wonderful way to keep him occupied. This is especially important since his other favorite thing is to move chairs and stools around to see what they help him reach. His vocabulary and overall speaking skills have taken off these past few months, and he nearly always knows exactly what he's talking about, sharing complete thoughts with the rest of us often.

And now that they're both talking, enjoy quotes from them both:

From the Mouth of Dom:

"AND I can see my brain when I close my eyes, too!"
While snuggling my 4 year old at bedtime:
Dom: "Um, can you give me some space, please? .... I'm a space-y kind of guy." 
"He's going to be Mr. Owl, the famous bucket teller." The start of an imaginative Dom story. 
"Mama, you're my hero." Heart melter. 
Me: "Can you guys try to play nicely for 5 minutes?"
"I think I'd rather do it for 4." 
"Daddy, you need a haircut because your hair looks like pasta." 
"Blaise, can you say 'startled'? I think you mean startled not scared." 
To his brother: "Nobody wants to listen to you whine. [Pause] The only person who wants to listen to you whine is Jesus." 
David: Leave Blaise alone. He just wants to be left alone.
Dom: I just want someone to leave *me* alone.

And Blaise Says:

Blaise correctly picked a color.
Me: "Blaise, you're so smart!"
B: "Yeah dog!" 
"Where's Pope Flancis? I like Pope Flancis." He's a fan, always on the lookout for our Holy Father when I'm perusing FB or other internet pages.
"Is oatmeal ready? Say 'yes.'"
Repeatedly: "Mama, can I tell you somepin? … I love you, too!"

Links for You to Peruse

Sundays in Lent: We Can't All Be Right About This :: Kendra @ Catholic All Year A thoughtful look at fasting on Sundays and why we don't do it, even during Lent. This helped clear up this concept for me, so if you're wondering: are Sundays "binge days" or should they be observed the same as every other day in Lent?, go read this.

Super Excited News on James' Alleged Miracle and Fulton Sheen's Cause :: Bonnie @ A Knotted Life If you haven't read about this yet, do it! To be noted: As Catholics we are still giving God ALL the glory for this miracle, but we are also thanking Fulton Sheen for his intercessions or specific prayers for this beautiful little boy and his family. 

Two Parenting Epiphanies I Wish I'd Realized Sooner :: Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas This post was like a smack in the head to me when I realized how much the grumpy coming from both my boys has been directly related to their lessening sleep. It's helped me to offer them more grace.

Lent and the Human Need for the Liturgical Year :: Mandi @ Messy Wife, Blessed Life This line sums it up for me: "The Church does not demand structure, instead it is the Church who, in Her infinite wisdom, takes pity on our weakness and gives us structure to help us overcome it. The liturgical calendar is a gift!"

And since it's Sunday, here's What I Wore:

My son whispered to me in mass: "Mama, you match Lent with your dress!" So, I guess, even with my not trying, I managed to have a somewhat Lenten approach in my clothes. At this point, it's really just a rotation of the dresses in my closet that fit and are clean.

That son got an A for his mass behavior, and his little brother made sure to be as opposite as possible including at one point during Eucharist laying his body across the pew when he was supposed to be kneeling/standing. That's what I get for trying to pay attention for more than 5 seconds.

 Without further ado, here's what my duds were:

Dress: Old Navy Maternity {thrifted}
Scarf: Le Target
Earrings: Fair Trade - little wire men from Africa
Leggings: Old Navy

Hope your day is as bright and beautiful as mine is! Happy Sunday!


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  1. I love your liturgically appropriate dress!

    And, I love the "I'd rather do it for 4" comment. Too, too funny!

  2. You look lovely! Thanks for including my link! Those quotes are pretty fantastic too - Lucia's just starting to say some funny, funny things and I love it!

    I can't imagine we would need much for the next baby except maybe some clothes - we loaned out almost all our girl clothes and we have very little boy clothes ready. I can't imagine we would need any thing new by the time we got to a third baby unless something essential wore out/broke.

    1. Thanks, and you are most definitely welcome.

      Thank you for the what to get ready advice - I keep thinking I'm probably missing something, and then realizing that babies don't need much, so I am most likely ok.

      Can't wait to hear some cute Lucia quotes!


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