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37 Weeks: An Update + a Baby Pool

By no means has this been an easy or quick pregnancy, but here I find myself at Week 37, officially "full term," and it seems to have gotten here fast all the same. Baby O III is just weeks shy of his due date, though if you read anything of his brothers on this blog around their due dates, you might note that my womb is over-accomodating, and they were willing to extend their stay.

At this point, we are all in countdown mode, both for this boy's arrival AND for his LegenDaddy to finish up his Masters. In order to include you in this counting period in a more fun way (and due to a super positive response over on the Facebook page), I've decided to start a…

Baby Pool Contest!

More information on how to get your say into that and possibly win a prize at the end of the post…

37 weeks has this wiggly boy measuring somewheres in the range of 6 pounds, thankfully keeping his head down though sometimes a little too far down for my comfort. I'm already well aware of how little my comfort means to him though. That's been far too apparent during this pregnancy. This weight is totally a guess of the midwife. I think she's probably close, but even though by no means do I feel small, I think this is the smallest I've been at this milestone with all the pregnancies. Annnnd if I'd taken pictures at the same point each go round, we could have compared. Oh well.

He still remains the most active of the three boys thus far, with his favorite times to be moving about in the mid morning (10am-ish) and in the late evening (think 10-11pm). We don't name our babies until we've seen them face to face, with the goal being to have them named by the time we check-out of the hospital. Our name list is still lacking this go round, but I think he needs some fierce little fighter style name. Any favorite male saints' names you think we should consider?

My Group B Strep test came back negative, which was my final unknown to be anxious about. I was negative with the other two as well, but with all the odd things that have cropped up this go round or "symptoms" that just wouldn't leave, I was sure this round it'd get me. But it didn't, so no antibiotics or IV during labor.

So, who knows? Will he join his brothers in the "Late to Come" camp, or will he surprise the socks off me and join us earlier than expected or around on time?

Want to put your two cents in? It should be fun, and as I said, there *is* a prize involved.

To enter the Baby Pool:

Basically you go to this website: What's In My Belly

Enter your guesses into the Pool for Baby O III - you can add your entry without creating an account, but if you wish to be in the running for the contest, make sure to put your e-mail, your first name, and at least an initial for your last name.

When he is born, the closest guesser will win a prize.

My pregnant brain is having mind slips when trying to come up with a fun prize that might actually be a treat to receive. I'm still too focussed on whether or not I have enough infant short sleeved outfits, semi-green disposables for the first week, and nursing bras to think of much outside those guidelines. If these don't sound like your cup of tea, I'm more than willing to hear ideas. =)

Oh, and the baby isn't up for grabs - thought I'd clarify as it has been suggested. After all this work and the final heave of labor, I shall be keeping him.

All the same, guess well and best of luck!

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  1. So much fun, and he is so close to being ex-utero! :0)

  2. So cute! Katherine linked to this on facebook and I had to check it out (she has such good taste). I just had my third boy at the end of February, and he was mercifully a week EARLY, so I'll hope for that for you: let's say around May 6th. That sounds like a nice day, doesn't it?

    1. :) awww :)
      And, yes! a week early sounds lovely for a 3rd baby boy! You two are my inspiration for wanting a third boy in a row...someday ;)


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