Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Halfway through Holy Week

Just a quick Holy Week check-in! Tomorrow begins the Triduum which will end in the celebration of Easter, and wow, there is so much to be packed in to finish out this Holy Week.

I keep hearing about things happening on Friday, and catch myself replying, "But, but… that's Good Friday!" and then remembering that not everyone has the same reverence for the next few days. I love the traditions we have put into play with our family as well as new ones we are trying for the first time this year. The rest of Holy Week, I will mostly be bowing out of any internet "social life" I may have and concentrating on our family and helping my tiny boys understand the greatness of this week as best their small minds can. That being said, you won't see me around until next week.

If you want to see what Holy Week looked like for us last year, you can read this post.

This lovely guide from Catholic All Year for The "You Can Still Do This" Guide to All Things Holy Week was a wonderful starter for me this year. My mind was a little bleary on what I wanted to accomplish this week, and Kendra gave me some great perspective.

With the above as our guide, we began this week with some serious cleaning out that included LOTS of washing of teeny, tiny baby clothes. Cannot wait to get some of these bitty diapers on this new boyO's bum. Tuesday night had me coming down with some sinus infection/headache/chest cold combo, which has slowed everything down, but we are soldiering on.

Today, Spy Wednesday, we made pretzels. The recipe I usually use can be found here. I mostly keep using it because the dough is made in the bread maker, and that's just so much less time consuming. If you have a great pretzel recipe you'd care to share, I'm all ears for next year!

Holy Thursday, which is tomorrow, we will be taking it slow, finishing up the preparations for the weekend (which roughly translates to hitting up the grocery store), and taking the boys with us for the evening mass. It's at 7pm, and I'm hoping they both are energetic enough to make it through with minimal whining. We've done it in years past, and at our old church it was much longer than I'm anticipating tomorrow's to be, so here's to hoping it goes superbly.

Good Friday, we will begin the day by attending a Stations of the Cross as a family, and then accompanying a local group of faithful Catholics as they pray in front of a local abortion clinic. These Hot Cross Biscuits from Joy the Baker will be on our "To Eat" list either in the morning or late afternoon. I will also be preparing a variation of this Story of the Passion Lunch for the boys to help tell the story of Jesus' death.

Good Friday is a day of fasting and abstinence for adults in good health, so otherwise David and I will be eating minimal amounts of simple food. I can't fast fully as pregnant as I am, so I will probably make something tomorrow that I can pull out on Friday and minimize the amount of time I am spending in the kitchen.

Holy Saturday we will begin the dyeing of our Easter eggs. Last year we made all natural dye, which turned out unique and beautiful. Because of the method we decided to use, the eggs will go into the dye and then into the fridge on Holy Saturday in preparation to come out in bright and lovely colors on Easter morning. My boys have also requested we go on a hike to collect rocks since there was a stone across Jesus' tomb. And then they want to paint them on Easter because then "the rocks can be happy colors since Jesus is alive again" - can I tell you how much I love teaching the liturgical year and our Faith to minds that are as open and aware as theirs are?

And then Easter! Mass will obviously be a major part, and then feasting, egg hunting, game playing, and lots of other fun. A day of Jesus, jelly beans, bacon, and family, because truly what else can you add that's any better?

For more reading and blog stuff to keep you going throughout this Holy Week, check out:

  • This post by Kendra at Catholic All Year about why and how she talks to her young children about the Crucifixion - I completely agree. Having boys, I find they are prone to ask the questions about the blood, the nails, and anything else I might typically shy away from. But, with the correct focus, I find this easily approached. 
  • Pick some favorite Children's Books about Easter from the list I compiled last year to read aloud to your children - remember Easter is not only a day, but an octave feast and a whole season, so you have some extra time to search these out at your library or book store.

May your Triduum be blessed beyond measure, and may your hearts rejoice with the Church as we all celebrate in Christ's resurrection this Easter!

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  1. Love the rock idea! Kendra's post was awesome, I think I'm finally getting over my Stations of the Cross aversion thanks to her. Not that we'll be watching the "The Passion of the Christ" any time soon, but I'm a lot more comfortable with the idea of sharing the scary parts. (I seriously feel like we glossed over those parts a lot growing up Prot., darn them and their emphasis on only the happy stuff).

    1. So true! In my Protestant upbringing, although my parents shared the gory parts, on the whole it definitely was given much less focus than we do now!

  2. I love all of these sweet celebrations. I've always loved Easter traditions since I was a child, to me they felt even more special than traditions at Christmas, I guess in part because not many people did Easter traditions. I'm sure you're boys have happy memories of Easter and it's meaning already!

    1. Learning to love Easter more and more each year! It is so nice to have extra traditions to extend Holy Week and the Easter season beyond plastic eggs.


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