Monday, May 19, 2014

Answer Me This: Who Doesn't Like Beards???

As I sit and mostly impatiently wait on Baby Boy to make his appearance, I figured I might as well have some fun and answer the questions of the week from Kendra, which this week are in actuality being hosted by the lovely Haley over at Carrots for Michaelmas. She beats me by far in the answer to number 6, but at least we're tied in number 2.

Read on to see what those answers actually entail:

1. What's the scariest thing that's ever been in your backyard?

I have to go with the pile up of drunk twenty year olds at our last apartment. My husband and I have decided since having children, we are definitely "those old people" that just cannot handle having to deal with too much stupidity. We (thankfully) now live in a full home, but our last abode was the upstairs of a duplex. One of the neighbors we oh-so-delightfully lived above was this 19 or 20 year old, who threw the most obnoxious parties. 

The one that fits the bill for this answer started Friday night, and by Saturday mid-morning our back and front yard were covered in random half-naked guys, drunk as drunk can be, screaming and playing slip-n-slide. Ugh. Yup, my oldness had kicked in. 

So, maybe not too "scary," but really would you want that in your yard?

2. Beards. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

As I said, my answer pretty much mimics Haley's… I *am* married to this guy. 

And we're pretty much brainwashing training our sons into equating beards with manhood. There as excited to grow their own beards as they are to do any other adult-like task.

3. If stuff breaks, can you fix it?

Stuff being? Cars, washing machines, other major equipment? No. That's why I married an engineer.
Toys, stuffed animals, stains, other paraphernalia that probably should be relocated to the garbage but will make my children perfectly delighted if I put some mama love into it? Yup, can do.

4. What was your first car?

$800 got me an old grandma hatchback Camry of the powdery blue persuasion. Good side - less than 2000 miles. Bad side - the starter had issues and often left me stranded in parking lots meeting new people in attempts to get a jump.

5. How often do you eat out?

With kiddos, rarely. Without kiddos, sadly even rarer. We do, however, on occasion order in. Still not too, too often, but we've discovered that can be an easy, peasy date night once the boys are in bed. Convenient, cheaper, and still no cooking/dishes.

6. Why is your hair like that?

Please tell me you can't actually see my freaky hair right now.  You can't? Oh good. I say you're not allowed to judge me at present because 40 weeks plus pregnant means I get to let something slide, right? Yup, it's gonna be my hair. 

Ask me again in 4 weeks. 

Since my answer isn't nearly as exciting as Haley's, let me make it further less interesting and say that the closest I've ever been to dyeing my hair was putting that colored hair glue in my hair in high school. (Was that stuff popular anywhere else? Early 2000s?). Otherwise my hair has gone from mildly horrible styled in middle school to plain Jane in high school to cut by moi in college… Post-college it's mostly just been long though my fabulous sister styled it short for me 3 years ago.

It was much shorter, but I can't find a picture of that.

Since then, it's just grown out. And therefore, it gets pinned up like this a lot:

Definitely time for a change. 

And that's that. Go over to Haley's to see more enthralling answers to these questions by many a blogger. 

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