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Meet Our Newest O-bot! {7 QT}

It's been a week and a bit since our new little man joined the family, so I owe you *something*! A birth story will come soon, but in the meantime enjoy these quick takes introducing our baby boy to this side of the womb!


My water broke in the last minutes of one day, I spent half the next day waiting for something

And waiting. 

Until the midwife finally had me come to the hospital to check and ensure he was still head down (due to all the breech drama at 37/38 weeks). He was head down, and after weighing options, I elected to stay checked into hospital and start pitocin within hours.

13 hours later… we got to meet this guy! 

5:20am, 9 lb. 5 oz., 21 inches


Later that day, his overjoyed big brothers came bounding in to visit Mama and meet the little one (still unnamed at this point). Dominic has been a doting brother since moment one, immediately wanting to hold and cuddle his newest bro. It's the sweetest thing watching him hypothesize about who Little O will become and even at times talking for him. 

Blaise has been a trooper, loving his brother with no resentment, which I feel is always a feat for the one being bumped from their spot. His concern for my staying in the hospital brought tears, and when it was finally check-out day, he stayed by my side until we were walking out at which point he held my hand until the building was exited.


Our naming of our kids is quite the over-thought out process. Typically, we have a somewhat rounded list made during pregnancy of names we love and people we admire. Then at some point during my hospital stay, David and I sit down for 20 minutes to several hours and figure out what name we shall endow our child with. I think this round was comparable with Dominic's naming sesh.

I've loved the name Adrian (more info in QT #4) since who knows when, and it had been growing on David. So, the first name came fairly easy. Middle names were a bit harder. We threw around several names we love, and none were standing out as "the one." Finally we settled on Roche (more info in QT #5).

And Adrian Roche he was named. 


Many questions always arise about names, especially when you pick such *ahem* unique names as our children are given.

So, I'll devote several Takes to answering those questions.

#1 - Adrian is named after St. Adrian, the martyr, not of Canterbury. We {obviously} think both men were great and holy, BUT we specifically loved the story of St. Adrian. Never heard it? No worries, read on.

St. Adrian lived in Nicodemia in the Roman Empire during the early 4th century and was the head of the Praetorium. While overseeing the torture of Christian, Adrian was awed at the courage these men and women had and their refusal to renounce their beliefs. He questioned how they could endure, and their response was that of the 1 Corinthians verse: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." (2:9). Right then and there Adrian decided to join them, professing his faith, and changing from the role of the torturer to the tortured. He was martyred soon after with other Christians.


Although there is a St. Roch, our boy is the namesake of Blessed Alan de la Roche. His birthplace is debated, but it is known that he was born in 1428 in either Brittany, Germany, or Belgium. At an early age, Alan joined the Dominican order. The most noteworthy act that Blessed Alan is known for is his devotion and reinstatement of the practice of praying the Rosary. 

After having visions of our Lord, the Blessed Mother, and St. Dominic revealed to him, Blessed Alan set out to preach the Rosary and pull it out of the rut it had fallen into. The confraternities he established still exist today. 


We always find fun happenstances that connect our children's names to one another or just have a sweet meaning to us personally. Adrian is no exception.

Interesting Holy Coincedences:

Adrian means 'water' and Roche means 'rock.'

Blessed Alan de la Roche was born AND died on St. Adrian's feast day.

All three of our sons are named after a martyr and then a Dominican (or vice versa).

Adrian's name tells part of our story on the journey to Catholicism. I have a great friend, Adrian, who I met in Ireland about a decade ago, who was instrumental in my early days of starting the workings of my brain to think deeper about my Faith and start my love for Rome on its journey. And David states that if he ever wrote his story, it'd be titled: "Why I'm Catholic or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mary."


Although Adrian has been a sweetheart of a newborn, even allowing me 3 and 4 hour chunks of sleep at night, I really don't think a Quick Takes with a newborn is remotely possible. I had plans to do this last Friday, but here we are, over a week after his birth, and I'm finally at lunchtime posting this. 

Also… I might be the craziest mother ever. Not only did I have a baby last week, but I also dragged my boys out to first, my brother's graduation with a BFA, and then the next morning to David's graduation with his Masters (he still has a few things to wrap up, but YAY, he's almost done!!!). On top of that my brother proposed to his ridiculously sweet girlfriend, so more celebrating. And we had a wild and family-full weekend on the whole with almost my whole family visiting, including one of my grandmothers. It was fun and made for the most epic first weekend a baby could have.

(Photo by my mama)
Hope you've enjoyed meeting our little man and welcoming him to the 'More' part of the O family. I sure have loved every moment of it. (Not being pregnant anymore, also a big plus!)
As I said, I'm working on his birth story already. I do have another sweet friend who will be guest posting for me next week, and then I'm working on rolling back into the role of main blogger here. Thanks for sticking out through a ridiculous pregnancy with lots of spacing between posts. You guys are the best!


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  1. Ah, I LOVE all the coincidences about his name!!!! I'm such a name junkie and worrier and love having that confirmation of picking the right one. He's beautiful! (Also, you're crazy for doing so much...though that is totally the pot talking to the kettle. Please be careful!)

    1. Right?!? I love all the coincidences, too! I'm totally with you in the boat or worrying about it being the right name. We haven't been "wrong" yet… I've loved each of our kids names and fully felt it fit them, but still that anxiety is there in the beginning.

  2. Love Adrian! He's looking so squishy and lovey. I'm glad he's wise now!

    1. He is so squishy and squeezable. =)

  3. Congrats!!! Aahh, what a great name! Loving the "Roche" I had never even heard of it. And Adrian is such a good name too...way to go, Mama!

  4. Oh my gosh, I missed this!! How did that happen? Regardless, he is precious! And, you really are amazing! Look at you going already. Hope life is just getting sweeter and sweeter :)

    1. Probably because you were getting the last things ready for your sweet girl's arrival! Thanks muchly - we think he's amazing, too. =)


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