Monday, June 2, 2014

25 Family Fun Summer Activities

It's that time of year again - time to make the family summer bucket list! As our kids get older (mostly the 4 year old and a little bit from the 2 year old), they've gotten to weigh in their own opinions on what makes the list.

Here are the 25 activities we have decided to include on 2014's Summer Fun Activity list (plus one special one for LegenDaddy):

  • Go berry picking - this has become a solid tradition in the O household. We pick several times each summer with plans to eat, bake, freeze, and more
  • Visit a splash pad. Do you have one by you? I love these parks with random sprinklers to cool off on hot days! Fun, but not quite as much stress as a pool with tiny kids (I.e. no leaking poops and no drowning scares), and they are free!
  • Obtain ice cream from a local creamery - we have two that we love. One of them is not only a creamery but also a dairy that offers non-homoginized and slow pasteurized milk that is dee-flippin-licious!
  • Run through the sprinkler. Simple, but a summer must.
  • Visit 3 *new* churches. We did this last summer, and it was quite fun exploring parishes that were new to us. This year, now that we are Catholic, it should be more fun.
  • Throw balls at Daddy. You get activities like this when you ask the 2 year old for his input.
  • Sidewalk painting - there are all kinds of recipes to be found on Pinterest for chalk ice cubes and liquid chalk and so forth! Check out my summer Pinterest board for these ideas and more.
  • Go to a hotel - oh the lofty goals of a 4 year old.
  • Make bubbles and create a bubble snake - also on the Pinterest board.
  • Cook Jell-O from scratch. As we try to stay away from a lot of processed foods, my boys have not yet tried Jell-O. They're enamored by the concept though, so I figure we'll make some from juice, fruit, and real gelatin this summer.
  • Complete Library reading program - another family tradition. Fun AND learning - score!
  • Have a water balloon fight - all hands on deck!
  • Day trip to Seabreeze - a local, perfectly sized amusement and water park. The boys are still talking about our trips from last year, and they've memorized the park map. 
  • Find a turtle. Could be a lofty goal, but it'll make for a fun summer long search.
  • Feed the ducks. A surefire way to make the 2 year old delighted plus we can get rid of random bread pieces.
  • Buy local produce - we have both a tri-weekly large public market as well as smaller farmer's markets in several neighborhoods in our city and suburbs, so we hopefully can gather quite the bounty from local farmers.
  • Have a breakfast picnic outside!
  • Climb trees - for my kids this is a learning experience. For older kids, it might be more of a getting back to the simple fun kind of days.
  • Make jam - gotta do something with all those berries. Our favorite jam is a strawberry and raspberry combo.
  • Roast marshmallows - finally found some non-chemical laden Marshmallows
     last fall and will be getting some of those. Check your grocery store - they might have them. Ours did!
  • Paint rocks and sticks. Combine a boys' favorite toy with some arts and crafts, and keep the mess outside!
  • Have a shaving cream art adventure. Also outside. Or on a rainy day inside the bathtub. 
  • Go on a nature hike. Perhaps we'll find our turtle friend this way?
  • Camp in the living room in a tent made of sheets. Popcorn, flashlights, and lots of stories. We also might try a camp out in the backyard if we can borrow a tent.
  • Create our own kites and fly them! This is Dom's dream right now, so we definitely have to make this one happen.

And finally…. a special #26 addition:
  • LegenDaddy finish his Masters project and paper, and then we have a Par-tay!

What are some of Your family's plans for this summer? I'd love to hear what you all are planning for these upcoming months!

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