Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Coffee Date After a Long Week

Well, hey there!

Lemme grab my coffee from the counter.

[traipses away]

[obtains coffee, mixes in half-and-half - a coffee outing treat for this mama and ooh, they have raw sugar. Score!]

[Comes back to our little cozy corner of the coffee shop]

Gosh! Whoa I forgot coffee starts *this* hot. Mine at home is always some sort of mediocre room temp by the time I get to it. So thanking my husband for allowing me to get away and talk to another human adult.

It's been awhile. That's for sure! We already were trying to cram a lot in June, but add in an ER visit… yeah, that was a fun one… and all the boys coming down with colds, and man, I feel like I keep getting pushed under the waves.

So, yeah, did I tell you we were traveling this month? It all kinda was hinging on when the baby came, and since I was recovering so, so well (best postpartum yet!) and he's been so low key, we decided to go for it.

Yup, to Virginia, well in the DC area mostly. WITH a 2 week old. It turned out to be way better than I figured it'd be. Must have been somebody praying for us. I think we stopped maybe 3 or 4 times for the trip down and then around the same coming home. Oh, why? One of my cousins, who I've been pretty close to most of my life, was ordained a priest. It was an exciting moment in his life, and probably for most other people, I wouldn't have been driving that far that soon after giving birth. I kinda thought it was insane up til we arrived and then was just impressed it wasn't all that bad. Definitely glad we went.

Oh, and we got to see one of my bestest buddies. She and I met in high school, and now both have husbands and 3 kids. So strange how quickly time changes things!

All that laundry of course hit upon coming home. Isn't it so strange that you have to do the same amount of laundry you usually do in a week just for coming home from a 2.5 day trip? And we took cloth diapers, so of course those had to be washed right off. Only for one diapered kid though - I wasn't sure I could handle both in cloth. Adrian won the cloth butt.

And of course as large family gatherings are apt to do, we managed to find and bring home sick germs. Dom's turned into a nightmare, too, just to make it all a little more dramatic. First, Wednesday morning he was feeling crummy. He kept optioning to lay down and rest rather than play, and you know with a four year old, this means something is up. Sure enough, he started coughing. We'd taken David to work, and I'd opted out of of Catholic Moms MeetUp for the morning. Adrian had a 3 week check-up though, and I just thought bringing a sick kid to the Doctor's when the visit wasn't for him was not so wise.

Picked up David from work, left him and the older boys at home. Adrian weighed in at a respectable ten pounds even and showed off all his super strong baby skills - the kid is already aiming to turn over and has crazy neck control for so young a babe. By the time I got home, Dom was just getting worse, but it still just seemed like a bad cold. No fever or anything. And then it went downhill.

After dinner, he climbed the stairs to get on PJs and was so winded it was as if he was trying to catch his breath after running laps. And then for prayers, he was saying them like: "Our (deep breath) Father (breath) who (cough)…" David and I were both starting to worry a little as we'd never seen him like this before. I attempted to listen to his chest to see what his breathing and cough sounded like, and upon putting my ear to his chest, I realized I couldn't even hear his breath because his heart beat was so fast and loud.

David stepped in to take his pulse and sit with him while I took the other two boys to get them down. That cued us in that something was definitely wrong - his pulse was all over the place from nearly 150 to a more regular 90. His little chest was practically caving with each breath he took, and despite the fact he'd been laying still in bed for nearly 10 minutes, his breath was still pretty ragged.

A quick call to the nurse on call at our Ped confirmed that we should bring him into the ER. Now this is our first time as parents bringing a child to the ER, so it was a scary moment for sure. David obviously would be taking him in since I had to stay with the nursing infant. Text messages were sent to family and close friends asking for prayer, and off the two of them went with a stuffed puppy for comfort.

I managed to hold it mostly together until they left and then started to fall apart after. Blaise, of course, had no interest in sleeping at this point and was jumping all over. I finally cuddled up with both boys in my bed, and they drifted off. At this point I was receiving updates from David via text.

It turned out that although he hasn't ever had and probably doesn't have Asthma, Dominic had suffered from an acute asthma attack brought on by his cold. After several hours being tested, given a nebulizer, and watched overall, he was released from the hospital with an inhaler for us to administer. Needless to say, it wasn't a fun night in the least. And not much sleep happened either.

By Thursday, both Blaise and Adrian were sniffling. Neither of them ended up getting much worse than congested sinuses and a slight cough, but still anyone who has tried to chase a 2 year old around to wipe their nose or nurse a stuffed up little one, know the sheer exhaustion that comes from just a cold. I spent most of Thursday night sitting upright holding Adrian just so he could feel like he was breathing and sleep for more than a few minutes at a time.

Friday was a blur. Don't remember anything except I think I made cookies for the weekend?

Oh yeah, weekend. So, we have fully committed to making Adrian's first month of life as full and active as we can. And a baby must be baptized, so Baptism time it was! Plus his godparents were coming in from out of town and could only both make this Sunday. Annnnd our parish had limited slots for summer baptisms, and this was one of the few. I didn't really feel like waiting til he was walking before baptizing him. Nope, get that baby Catholic sooner.

Nearly my whole family was able to come up Saturday night to celebrate with us at the Sunday morning mass. It was beautiful. I retired my photographer side (which is hard for a pro, let me tell you!), and put on full mama side to fully lean into the beautiful Sacrament taking place.

As much family time as you can mash into 5 hours was had and enjoyed by all. Not that she reads this blog (or maybe she does occasionally?), but we seriously missed the one member of my family that couldn't make it. Let me tell you - getting all of us together is practically impossible these days. 8 kids, 4 of whom are adults living in 4 different places.

Yeah, that was a long rant. Goose trails right and left. I'm thinking 'goose trails' sounds wrong, but you get my drift, right? You better start sharing about your life before I keep going... And I better go get a drink of water. 

Cuz here we are, already at Wednesday of this week. I have been working on this coffee date for 3 days. But life is like that. Plans made with so many grand intentions, and then the week moves about as fast as sludge. On that note, go read this beautiful piece from Barren to Beautiful. I'll be starting my next post within the hour or so with hopes to have it up within the week.

How's YOUR June been? Fill me in! 


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  1. Haha you're cracking me up.

    Obviously not the scary ER part :( It's so good that you took him in right away before it got worse. I had to take our three year old in for croup a couple months ago, and it was really the scariest thing ever. I know exactly how you feel.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us :) I loved having coffee with you. ~Jenna

    1. Thanks for hosting a fun link-up. I dread croup and pretty much all lung things in general. Lack of breath scares me more than blood (I think).

  2. Oh my goodness, what a scare with the ER trip! What a busy time. Thanks for the cup of coffee.


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