Thursday, July 3, 2014

5 Favorite Sweet (yet Healthy) Summer Treats

90 degrees and what must be 142% humidity definitely calls for cold treats here. I'd rather not feed my boys copious amounts of fake flavored and fake colored sugar on a stick plus I'm kinda cheap and want it quick. Within those parameters: healthy, treat, easy, and cheap, we have experimented to create or adapt recipes to fit and still be tasty.

Here are 5 fantastic Summer treats that we like to keep stocked in our freezer for those afternoons when you just need something to cool you down. 


Fruit Juice Pops

Into these oh-so-fancy Ice Pop Molds (this set by Ozera), pour 3/4 juice (I usually pick up a container of the strawberry lemonade at Trader Joes or the Simply Lemonade with Raspberry for this purpose) and 1/4 water, leaving a little room at top. I then put in some sliced up fresh fruit - usually strawberries or blueberries or grapes. Freeze, and enjoy 5-6 hours later!

Simple and classic.


Grapes on a Stick

All you need for this is grapes and a stick. So super easy. I typically use Bamboo Skewers for my "stick."

Freeze for several hours - for smaller kids just pull the frozen grapes right off and put in a bowl. Older kids might get a kick out of eating off the stick.


Watermelon Slushies

This is probably a level 2 sort of easy. Not simple simple, but not too hard either.

Cube your watermelon and freeze the cubes.

Then once frozen, blend 2 1/2 cups of cubes, 1 banana, 1 TB of liquid sugar (cane or maple syrup or agave syrup), 1 TB of lemon juice, and 1/4 cup of water. If needed, add up to 1/2 cup water total. I have an Immersion Hand Blender that I highly recommend and love oh so much. It worked perfectly.

For a more adult-like treat, a shot of rum or vodka kicks things up a notch. ;)


Yogurt Pops

Very similar to Number 1, these are a mix and then freeze. We usually stir up some Greek plain yogurt with a little jam or fresh fruit, fill the containers, and freeze for 5+ hours!

Another easy one to keep ready and cold in the freezer.


Banana on a Stick

This is a newly favorited one in this house. It's perfect when you have lots of bananas and don't want them to get all mooshy and brown.

Cut a banana in half, stick a wooden craft stick in each half. Spread a soft, creamy substance (think: softened cream cheese, peanut butter, nutella, almond butter) over the banana. Then roll in something fun: chocolate chips, granola, raisins, craisins, chopped nuts, you get the idea. Place on a baking sheet covered with waxed paper. Freeze 4+ hours. We found certain spreads needed a little longer and left them overnight to freeze.

And there you have it, 5 of our favorite simple and fun treats to enjoy on these horribly hot days.

Linking up for Five Favorites with the ever hilarious Heather over at Mama Knows, HoneyChild, who can sympathize with me about western NY's overly hot summer.

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  1. It is not particularly hot in Chicago this summer. It's kinda crazy. But these all look quite tasty.

  2. Replies
    1. It's so much neater than regular ol' slices of watermelon, too! So, so refreshing. =)

  3. I love frozen grapes so so much. We taught the babies to eat them and now they are like tiny grape thieves with really bad diapers!

    1. They're so simple and yup, I agree, delicious for all. I am pretty sure summer in and of itself has so many bad diapers just waiting to happen if you want to enjoy in all the bounty.


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