Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Playlist for Those Long Days

So, today started out like those typical days. Awoke to the 2 year old poking me in the face a little later than I wanted to be up and at 'em, but still I would have enough time to make it to our 10 o'clock zoo trip.

And then…

The baby was woken up from his morning nap not once, but twice, by his older brothers.

Blaise decided yogurt sometimes called breakfast was good for his complexion.

Dominic stepped in some "soft, wet stuff that looks a little like salt" aka the innards of Blaise's nighttime diaper that Blaise decided needed a punt down the stairs. (Needless to say, my stairs that I rarely vacuum got disinfected today).

Get to zoo, and Dominic who's helping me buckle the back of the Beco gets his finger caught in the buckle. Commence screaming. Also, nothing like helping the 4 year old get his dominant hand out of the now closed buckle when it's on your back.

Only dumped diaper bag thrice at the zoo. Oh, and ran over the 2 year old as he leapt from the moving stroller.

Had a blast at the zoo and seeing friend, but of course by the time we got back to the car, Adrian was hungry. Again. Because it happens.

Nursing him in the car isn't bad except that it means in the backseat of my Accord, I usually end up with a wrestling match of sorts. Today was no different. 

I then calmly turned to remind my loud offspring to calm down. Who am I kidding? I swung around so fast to holler at them that I pulled several muscles in my abdomen that haven't been in the correct position since little man was born. Pain hit me hard enough I teared up. 

Finally we were homeward bound when I realized the gas tank was pretty much on the empty line. Our little alert ding and light have been broken since forever so I rarely notice until it's time.  By this time the younger two were passed out. Pulling into the gas station woke Adrian up, so he started screeching. I peek into the backseat only to notice unexplainable blood on Blaise's chin. I still have no clue where it came from - he had no cuts or scabs or anything anywhere.

Home we get. The plan was to quickly put the older two down for a rest, so I could have a little breather. But it had to get a little bit worse first, right? It always does.

So then the toilet overflowed lovely brownish tinted water ALL OVER the bathroom floor. Our landlady hasn't sealed the bathroom in a good decade or so; therefore, whatever sealant does exist is nil.  I quickly grabbed the closest bath towels in attempts to stop any water leaking into our coat closet below.

By this time, I plopped both boys in Dominic's single bed, promised them I'd let them up in an hour and a half give or take a bit, and got myself a beer.

I know all mamas have days like this. Thankfully they are only 24 hours long. And thankfully our children go to sleep eventually. Usually. 

Fellow mamas, I feel your pain. We all have these ridiculously long days where nothing seems to go right, and they're hard. You're not alone. And if you don't have these days, you're either lying or due for one soon. *Cue ominous music* Just kidding - I promise I don't wish these days on anyone, but I do want you to know that all mamas struggle to pull through on those long days. 

As I cannot provide each of you with a beer, I made the next best thing. A playlist of a bunch of music for those long days. So I present to you

Yup, my 4 year old gave my 2 year old, who doesn't even like peppers 8 of them,
out of which he promptly took a single bite of each and lined them up like so.


Disclaimer - I don't think there is any foul, foul language, but some songs might not be something you let your young kids listen to. Mine have heard these, but I know all parents have different standards, so let this be your warning. 

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  1. Oh man. That is definitely the worst day ever. You deserve more than a beer, Sarah.
    I wish I could help you, friend.

    But look at you! A bloody, poopy day and what do you do? You give! Thanks for the playlist -some of those songs are new to me and I'm excited to hear them.

    1. It's true - it was pretty bad. If only you lived closer, I would have just invited you over for cocktails. =)

  2. I echo Bonnie and will be mentally joining you as I sip my hard cider tonight. The line that got me laughing in solidarity: "Only dumped diaper bag thrice at the zoo. Oh, and ran over the 2 year old as he leapt from the moving stroller."
    Thank you for the playlist and sharing the funny.

    1. I figured all mamas have these days. ;) Enjoy your cider!

  3. Oh man! What a terrible day...yet you still look fantastic at the end of it. Thanks for the playlist...I need it today!

    1. Well, thanks! I did have sloshed poopy water from the toilet on my feet, I think, but at least the rest of me was mostly clean. Enjoy the tunes. =)

  4. How is it that they manage to bail out of a stroller quietly enough to get run over but when silence is required, they can't wrap their heads around the need? Sheesh. Enjoy your beer, earned it!

    1. Right?!? That is SO true. As my husband says often, "He has the common sense of a 2 year old!" =)


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