Monday, August 18, 2014

Currently {Vol. 2}

We got back into town late last night after a wonderful weekend in Pittsburgh seeing my parent's new residence, celebrating 50 years of my mama, and 23 years of my brother. Obviously I am now just resting and enjoying this lovely summer day.

Just kidding.

Like any mama can attest to, coming back from a vacation, no matter how long, is a test to see how fast you can dig yourself out from under the laundry piles. Is it just me or does it seem like when you're out of town, the family wears twice as many clothes?

Now that I have one load in the washer, some thrown in the dryer, and the rest on hanging racks outside, I am taking a moment to jot down some thoughts on what's happening Currently around here and enjoying a bowl of Trader Joe's french vanilla ice cream (it really is delish) topped with PB and chico chips. It's been awhile since I last linked up with Jenna at A Mama Collective, but it seems a fitting way to check in on this fine Monday.

Thinking about:: the minuity of our issues compared with the rest of the world. The more I read about the horrors facing the Iraqi Christians and other people being dehumanized by ISIS, the more I hug my little ones close. Jenna from Call Her Happy just put out an excellent post today with some ideas for ways you practically can help.

Thankful for:: a great weekend with my family. All 7 of my siblings made it back for my mama's party, along with my bro's fabulous fiancĂ©, my sweet Nana, my ever ridiculous aunt, and my cousin, who may be only 8 but can draw a fabulous Marauder's Map. 
The Party went off mostly without any problems, and even with some insane amounts of car problems (not our solo vehicle this round), there was still much fun and laughter to be had. Also to be noted, my 14 year old sister seriously has rapping skills.

The only phone capture from the Party: the dessert table.

Listening to:: it's a jazz day today. Was swaying to some Louis and Ella unnnnntil I remembered that this guy had an album of jazzy tunes.

Enjoying:: the sweet coos of my baby boy and his utter contentment with life. The smiles from his lil face, complete with dimples, make the moments complete. Just breathing them in.

Loving:: my older boys' new obsession with Star Wars. Although they've not yet seen the films, they have memorized the names of half the characters, including more obscure ones like Max Rebo. Imaginary Star Wars scenarios are constantly taking shape around me. Pretty sure David's and my nerdiness has fully been passed on. 

Looking forward to:: catching up on my favorite Belgian detective. 

The last season ever is airing now on PBS and is available next day online for free. Hoorah.  =)

What's going on with you these days?

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  1. Hello! Coming to say hello from the link-up! It sounds like you had a very nice weekend.
    I agree that our troubles are small compared to the rest of the world - unfortunately this is easy to forget until something big happens, and I think it is nice to remember that we should help out if we can!

  2. ohhh that ice cream looks SO good! xo jillian - stop by, im hosting a great giveaway on cornflake dreams


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