Friday, October 17, 2014

Cod Liver Oil, MiniVan recommendations needed, and Jamberry Glam {7QT}

I don't really have much time to do anything but QUICK quick takes today. I have not forgotten about the blog, but SO much seems to be preoccupying my time and energy right now that I just keep putting off ever finishing the posts I begin. Getting away to write has just not been an option, and the whole attempt at writing while having kids running and screeching around me just hasn't been working. You get that right? So forgive me if you would for my lack of blog presence, and read on for a bit about what's been up.

Setting a timer for 20 minutes… assuming the house doesn't collapse around my ears, here goes…


Boy updates in short. (For those who care)

Dominic is killing Kindergarten - the kids LOVES workbooks, which makes him a rather easy student to teach. Star Wars is the newest obsession, and pairing it with his love for drawing means there are drawings of the Millennium Falcon, dewbacks, and droids decorating our dining room table most days. Also, I often get to be Princess Leia (I technically was a Han Solo fan back in the day though)

Blaise is potty trained. Phew. Thought he'd be more difficult to train than his brother, but I stuck to my theory that if you wait until they're ready (key word: they), it's faster and simpler. Worked. Again. Down to maybe one accident a week, which I call success.

Adrian aka Mr. Chunkypants is weighing in around 20 lbs at nearly 5 months, making him my 2nd biggest baby (Dom still holds the record). He is teething something fierce, finally rolled over this week (for Daddy - of course!), and is limited in his tummy time because this mama DOESN'T want an early crawler.


Asthma control has been on my mind a lot this month as we move into cold and flu season. As we think that is what spurs on Dom's episodes, I am working to learn how to boost his immune system as a whole as well as his lung health. Cue: elderberry syrup making, cod liver oil (trying out Green Pasture Blue Ice for the boys), Raw Probiotics, and will be picking out some essential oils to try this week.

I was also intrigued by this guest posted article at Carrots for Michaelmas on preventing Asthma through diet. We already adhere to many of these diet standards, but color me interested on learning more!


So once upon a time we were a one car family. Snugly we placed THREE carseats across the back of a Honda Accord.

And then this week, we became pretty much a no-car family. I say pretty much because we are still limping said Accord around for local errands. The transmission is giving out though, sooooo we are in a market for a minivan. Now I can finally fulfill my destiny as a soccer mom.

But for real, those that drive the MVs, give me your recommendations and what you love, love, LOVE about yours. =)


Totally random, but I figure I owe you something.

Are you also inundated in squash? You might have noticed in my fall decorating that we have a multitude of the colorful stuff. Although I use it as decor, anything that is edible, we also try to consume. Squash is my not my favorite, so any recipes you care to share that make the mooshy stuff more edible, so appreciated.

But, I promised YOU something. Here's a tip from my kitchen to yours. Instead of using a plain ol' regular spoon to get out the seedy stringy inside of your squash friend, try an ice cream scooper. It is so, so, so much more efficient. Try it, and you're welcome. 


Looking for something to read on ye old internets? This new series hosted by Olivia over at To the Heights has caught my eye. Featuring so many great ladies, several of whom I'm proud to call friends, each post will focus on a Virtue of our Blessed Mama - how much more perfectly can we prepare for Advent and Christmas than this?

Molly shared the first one this past Tuesday, so jump on board, and go read it!


And another thing for you to read in case you've missed it, Jenny over at Mama Needs Coffee is doing a most excellent job writing every day about the Church and its teachings on Sex and Marriage. It's so worth your time. As it's a month long piece, tackling different topics each day in October, I suggest you go back and hit the first 16 days, too!


Lastly, because I need some glam in my life these days when I find myself mostly surrounded by whining, poop, and dying cars, I'm hosting an online Jamberry party with one of my bestest of best friends, who sells the fancy nails.

Want some holiday glam or just something to spice up your everyday nails? Shop on. If you're up for joining the FB party this coming Tuesday evening (21 October), let me know, so I can send you an invite! There are prizes to be won, plus Kaely will be on hand to answer your queries.

Hope your October is more fabulous than mine. =)

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  1. I've given each subsequent child less and less time time and they STILL crawl early! I think there must be no way to stop them when they're that determined, unfortunately :(

    1. *tummy time, not time time. This is what happens when I comment from my phone...

    2. I think it's mostly a hope at this point. I would take him sitting up early! Mine have thus far been average for every physical activity thing. That's totally *not* where we shine. Oh well. I am pretty sure he's so impressed with his older brothers though that he wants to join them (would explain yours, too!)

  2. Absolutely LOVE our minivan! It may make me look like a total soccer mom, but oh it is so convenient. You can get easily climb in to strap kids in...wonderful! We have a Honda Odyssey.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Steph, and I guess it's meant to be that I look like a soccer mom. ;)


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