Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Decor Ideas for the Decorating Challenged

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

Fall is in full force here in Western NY. Colorful leaves cover the browning grass crunching when you step outside. Temperatures finally warrant sweaters and scarves (some days…). Pumpkins and apples fill the patches and orchards, ready for the picking. That crisp aroma overtakes the air outside. 

I wish I could run about, grab armfuls of it all, and sprinkle the whole feeling of Fall about my house. I can't though. And decorating. Yeah, so here's the thing. Um, confession time. I am not a true decorator of the seasons. Yes, Christmas and birthdays, I'm there. The decoration master. But then the rest of the year I kind of am at a loss as to what to do. I don't own window decals, wreaths, and garlands for each month. I'm no good at switching out the paraphernalia that "decorates" my surfaces.

Who's got the time, money, and storage space? If you want to know who has picked up those awesome talents and peruse their gorgeous homes, please check out all the lovelies who are linking up in this Carnival below! Talent abounds, and hopefully you'll be inspired. Bonnie was kind enough to invite me because she's just such a kind soul. Thankfully, despite my lack of decorating genius, I think Fall might be the easiest season to attempt even the most meager of decorating.

If you're feeling lost as to where to even start, read and look on. I promise you we're probably tent buddies in the decorating camp. Our homes can totally rank in that not overly gorgeous but still perfectly fall category. 

I consider myself a practical decorator. For instance, you can see here on my cloth cart (when you're a mostly paperless home, you get one of these fancy things!) is a basket of apples. Practical, beautiful, and ever in need of a refill. 

Pumpkins. The staple decoration of the fall. Cheap, fun to pick (yay fall activity!), and can be put pretty much anywhere. Hey, if the baby nibbles on it, you can count it as a serving of veggies! 

My kids LOVE picking out pumpkins. We do manage a trip or two each year out to the local pumpkin patch, but to be honest, most of our fancy lil squash friends are from Trader Joes. $1.69 on the pricey end!?! I'm in! Bonus feature: they help keep squirmy helpers happy while the grocery shopping happens. Win/win!

Mums are also a fun, easy to obtain item at this time of year. I, however, can never keep them alive more than a week, so you won't see any amongst our decor.

In case you thought I was getting too put together, here's a peek at reality:

Also, speaking of Trader Joe's, if you're amongst those lucky enough to find themselves within shopping distance of one, please do yourself a favor and grab a tin of the Pumpkin Spice Rooibis tea. You're welcome.

You can even count it as a small bit of fall decor. See below.

Last, but not least, my coup de maƮtre, our dining table.

Our table is not only for eating but also suffices as our arts and crafts table, and when needed a place for schooling as well. This is the one place in the house I always try to have some sort of decor going as a centerpiece. Sometimes this is seasonal (typically in the form of flowers), but we also use our table as a place to decorate as we celebrate the liturgical year.

Don't be fooled. Although I love a table cloth as a covering, we rarely have one on as I feel like it's then always in the the wash rotation. It is a nice touch though if I do say so myself.

Flowers and squash/pumpkins courtesy of Trader Joes. Table cloth and golden pitcher - Goodwill finds ($5> each)

I saw these candelabras at my favorite consignment store about a month back. Apparently I must have gushed quite a bit about how cool they were because my husband went back that day and picked then up for me. They add a bit of the spooky autumnal feel to the table, right? Come winter, you might find me pacing the hallways, candles alit, a la Jane Eyre.

And there you have it. My overly simple, anyone-can-do, autumn/fall inspired decorating ideas. I told you it was easy to copy.

The ever lovely Bonnie over at A Knotted Life is hosting an Autumn decorating blog hop carnival today, of which I'm excited to be a part of! Make sure to go check out these other lovely bloggers and their homes:

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  1. Haha, I love it Sarah! Those candelabras are pretty awesome, I woulda bought them too, for sure.

  2. Trader Joes Pumpkin Spice tea! My favorite!! And the candelabras! AND the copper tea kettle!!

  3. Ooh. Best ever find with the candelabras!! Nice work!

  4. Agreed. The candelabras are uh-mayzing. Also, the little squash that's shaped like a ghost pumpkin? The cutest.

  5. Win on the candelabras for sure! But your copper tea kettle and that pumpkin tea!!! I can almost smell it from here. From one mum killer to another, your home is lovely.

  6. Trader Joes recent convert here. Your tip is duly noted. Cute post, Sarah!

  7. Oh, you're right up my alley. All the other posts leave me a bit despairing, as if I'll never measure up. But I think you and I might be decorating soul sisters. :)

  8. How did you ever walk away from those candelabras???? You husband is the best. We'd be rocking candle lit dinners with those bad boys every night. And if they get dusty or cobwebs they'd only look cooler!!!

  9. There's really nothing like Trader Joe's in terms of pumpkin paraphernalia. I'm vaguely certain I saw pumpkin flavored butter last week...


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