Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goals and Dreams for 2015

One week into the new year, and I think I have come up with my goals and dreams for the year. Like many others, I find the word resolution pretty extreme, and since I am looking to further enrich my life and aim higher in physical, spiritual, and emotional ways, I like to think of my hopes and plans for the years in a goal oriented fashion.

I want to say that these are totally reasonable, and maybe they will be. However, even if I get one step closer to accomplishing these goals, at least I will know that I've made some sort of progress. Gina over at Someday Saints is all sorts of inspiring, and I decided to aim for a similar number since 15 is a pretty great number after all. I was having troubles whittling my list down to less, and more just seemed like it'd get overwhelming pretty quick.

So 15 stuck.

I also am adding three dreams, that are more "aiming high" on the goal scale.


For Me

  • add in daily prayer or quiet time and journal more often
  • work on physical strength and flexibility - my last pregnancy not only left me with a lovely tummy that will be needing work to help it in any way, but my joints now ache constantly. I'm hoping to achieve some reparation in that area through diet and strength training.
  • get at least 8 photo jobs. Due mostly to David's degree finishing in 2014 and having a baby, I took no actual jobs last year. So, I'm hoping to revise that at least in a small way.
  • make 1 piece of embroidery goodness. I'm intrigued by the art of it, but haven't actually done any in two decades or so. I figure it won't hurt, and if it's awful, at least I tried something basically new.
  • read 1 NEW book a month. Last year's book reading was remarkably underwhelming. Planning to change that majorly this year.
  • make it to Confession more often and implement fasting as a practice once not full-time nursing
  • write David letters weekly, or at least bi-monthly. This is something we've made a practice of on and off during our relationship, and I like it.
  • redesign the blog annnnnd get my own domain. Lofty financially and/or time wise, but I think it's doable.

For Our Family

  • get all 3 boys into one room stuff wise, and at least 2 of them sleeping in there
  • attend daily mass together once a month
  • bi-monthly date nights for me and the man (at home counts)

For Our Home

  • budget our money better and in a more organized manner (head over to my Pinterest board on organizing our life for where I'll be pinning ideas I come across!)
  • minimize the stuff in each room annnnnd host a yard sale in the spring to declutter
  • get a regular housecleaning schedule in place
  • be more hospitable… open our home to guests (coffee, dinner, game nights…) at least once a month


  • sell two cars and buy a new van
  • take a weekend away with just David
  • family vacation to a new place!
  • finish paying 1 more school loan

And there you have it, what I'm hoping for 2015. If you have any great ideas for mapping out your goals in more tangible, everyday steps, I'd love to hear them. Share away!

What are you hoping to accomplish this year? What are your dreams? How are you going to get there?

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  1. Hi, Sarah! I just clicked my way over here from Gina's but I've poked around your place before! I think we have some blogging friends in common and maybe even some real life friends (??) - it can be a small world when you're Catholic in WNY :)
    Anyway, I love this list, and even though I've read some others, it's inspired to me to get my own list happening. Better to have it written out and reference-able (real word?) than floating around in my head. I love that you added some big BIG dreams! Thanks for the kick in the pants :) Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Theresa! Glad you stopped by (maybe we do have some real life friends!?!). How cool would that be!
      Best of luck with your dream and goal planning AND doing. =) Happy New Year!

  2. Great goals! My goals include health and spiritual as well :)

    1. Good luck with your goals for the year!


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