Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Faces of My Boys

It's been awhile since I've been able to sit down and share a more personal peek at our lives. Here it is, Thursday night, and I'm finally sitting to write this in between the last minute preparations for the birthday of the middle man, Mr. Blaise. (For those here into birth stories, this is the one I did manage to record for all eternity). Cannot believe he's been with us for 3 years already. Man time flies.

In honor of time flying, here are some portraits of my boyOs. As a photographer by trade, I think I owe it to my family of capturing portraits of each child at least once a month if not more frequently. I didn't actually add this to 2015's goals, but it is something I do hope to accomplish.

Enjoy. I sure love looking at these sweet faces. Hope you do, too.

This ham turned 5 back in December, is a self proclaimed and obvious to the rest of the world Lego fanatic. He has also memorized EVERY Star Wars character from all the films, even though he's only seen 2 of them… I started him on Kindergarten level work in September and already he is reading, writing, adding, subtracting, grasping money concepts, doing simple grammar and spelling… it's astounding how much he memorizes and can take in. 
He delights in making Adrian smile. His aspirations include sainthood though he often tells me he's not sure what vocation God will tell him to do just yet. It warms my heart to see him look out for his brothers and share with each of them, even his newest of toys.

Ever my cuddly boy, Blaise has been making so many big boy advances this year. He can count to 20 and beyond, knows his ABCs and has surprised me several times already with recognizing some sight words (already!). He worries about little things like the "crumbs" in his toes (for which he must remove his socks despite the negative temps outside) or whether or not we took care of what each person in our family likes for dinner ("Dom doesn't like sweet potatoes, Mama - did you make him the other ones, too?"). 
A charmer in many ways with a cute personality and face to boot, B is my tackler, snuggler, and all around good natured kid. His whining typically is due to hunger and fixed almost immediately with a banana. Always. Mornings have become his thing, but he still feels that we should hold him while making him breakfast. And he's turning 3! (Yikes!)

Last but obviously not least (just look at those cheeks!) is Adrian. He's mostly into not doing the things I want him to do and attempting things I think might be above his "level." Eating solids - not his thing. Usually he just sits and holds whatever food I offer on his tongue and gives me a look of "Really Mom, Really?" And then he'll attempt to blow it at me. He's perfectly healthy with an extra side o' chunk, so I kinda don't care.
Sitting up. Also not his thing. He can, he just chooses not to. However, he *can* log roll like no baby I've ever seen. He pretty much chases his brothers around by doing so. And he just started clapping. A-dorable. It's this motion where one hand is held out perfectly still whilst the other hand comes together making a soft clapping action. So freaking cute.
He says Hi or a variation of it but at the correct times. He also will vocalize every bit of the 'Hail Mary' and 'Our Father' when he hears others praying it. (Catholic baby for the win!). Although the past 8 months of his life have gone pretty fast, I do think I've been able to delight in his babyhood fully. It's been pretty fun.

And there you have it. The first portraits of 2015.

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  1. Your skills!!! And I love the log rolling! So cute!

    1. Thanks! I have to use that degree for something. ;) I should probably aim to catch the log rolling on video...


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