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A Triduum and Easter Octave Recap

Here I sit attempting a post that's been on my To-Do list for the past two days while I attempt to thwart the plans of a wriggling 10.5 month old. Hands free is nice, and thanks to my new-to-me Sakura Bloom, which I've been pining for since I saw Nell's last summer, it's quickly possible. I haven't managed a back carry with this baby carrier just yet, so the small fingers are presently trying to grab everything on my desk within reach.

It's about the best I can do just now though. Although the beginning of the Easter Octave was perfectly lovely, we then contracted all sorts of problems, and as I sat and thought of it this morning, I realized I have washed sheets every day since Sunday. For some reason, we only own two bottom sheets for the twin sized beds, which translates to one per each boy's bed. It's been laundry central to say the least.

I'm pulling the Easter Season card and saying that we're just going to celebrate on the long run because we sure did trudge through the second half to the Easter octave as you'll see in my day by day share. But here you have it: a little of what we did attempt and what we just didn't have the energy for.

First up…

Holy Thursday

After some last minute scrubbing of the house, we did a Lenten/Triduum meal inspired by both Lacy and Jessica with some ideas I had circling my brain thrown in as well. The boys were delighted, and I timed it early enough that the adults got to eat as well before we attempted the 7 pm Holy Thursday mass.

Now 7 is usually the time we are starting to begin the bedtime routine, and it totally showed in how the mass went. This is one of 4 masses a year that is actually full at our Parish, so we got there 15 minutes early to snag reasonable seats. Mission accomplished. However, this meant the boys had to sit still and quietly for an extra 15 minutes. Adrian at this point decided he was exhausted and wailed and carried on enough that I ended up in the back with him the entire mass. The other two got a B- for mass behavior.

I obviously very confident in ability to behave during mass.

Also Triduum… how does one say that? Is there a pronunciation guide for converts? Over the past two weeks, I have heard it pronounced at least 3 different ways.

Good Friday

David gets off work at his present job for Good Friday, which makes it easy to pick up extra activities. Last year and this, we joined Catholics around the area to pray the Stations of the Cross and the Divine Mercy chaplet while walking along a major road up to an abortion clinic. It is purely peaceful and asking God's mercy in a very visible way.

The rest of the day was spent in a quiet way, or as quiet as can be when you have 3 young boys.

Holy Saturday

We did our usual egg dying this day and took a family trip to the zoo. After Thursday's mass craziness, I wasn't up for dragging them out for a 3+ hour mass. Instead, we did our own family reading of the first reading from Genesis and the Passion gospel with candles that we lit for each person in our family.

Easter Sunday!

Meat was to be had. When asked what he wanted to eat for our Easter feasting, Dominic, who is 5, replied, "Bacon and a really big sausage." I'll leave that at that. We started the morning with pulling out our eggs that had been dyeing overnight and finding the hidden Easter baskets. Even the toothbrushes were a hit.

Enjoyed mass in our Easter best (boy's outfits compliments of ThredUp, and my dress was found with thanks to Rosie) once again managing to get parking and seats - I always consider it a major win if we make it somewhere on time, not to mention early. Then we came home for a brunch of our family's twist on Eggs Benedict: biscuits, eggs, bacon, avocado, and homemade sauce; french toast muffins; strawberries and melon; and sausage.

Due to some typical-for-us April weather including some snow flurries, we moved our Easter egg hunt to inside. I hid round one, and then the older two boys entertained each other by re-hiding the eggs over and over… this went on throughout the whole Octave.

Feasting continued into the evening with pork loin, hasselback potatoes, green beans, asparagus, salad, and homemade bread to die for. I made a hazelnut, chocolate cake with Ferrero Rocher on top inspired by Theresa and her epic birthday cake.

Easter Monday - Easter Wednesday

Each morning the boys greeted me with "Happy 2nd day of Easter, etc…!" I'd decided a while back it was time for a break from schooling, so we attempted some fun activities like a trip to our local children's museum, reading books I haven't had time for, and so forth. Until Wednesday evening when Dominic came down with a nasty cold.

A cold might be something most people brush off, but for him when it gets him good, it means we are first on Asthma watch, and then in cases like this round, we end up starting inhaler treatments at home and are on ED watch.

Easter Thursday - Saturday

It just continued. Only Dom was sick though, so the other boys and I were mostly just stuck at home due to him. We had our last homeschool co-op of the year Friday, for which David had to come home from work to be with the sick one as I'd agreed to teach preschool since the regular teacher was out.

Dominic seemed better Saturday morning only to take a turn for the much worse by Saturday afternoon. I was sure we were going to end up at the hospital. Thank God we did not because that night David got sick with some GI bug. Adrian got congested, which means he protests sleep AND nursing - a lethal combo. Pretty much I hold him most of the night while propped up in bed by random pillows I pull from furniture around the house.

On top of all that, earlier in the day, David started work on our bathroom sink, which has been draining slower and slower and slower. Think: 20-30 minutes to drain a sink full of water. Obviously something was up. He took apart the piping below the sink only to discover that there was water leaking into the wall from one of the unreachable pipes. We disabled all water to the sink (our only one other than the kitchen and the utility one in the basement) and called our landlady. We still have had no word from the plumber…

Divine Mercy Sunday

We had such plans for Divine Mercy Sunday this year. First we'd thought of getting a babysitter, so just David and I could go enjoy mass, adoration, and benediction together. Then we'd contemplated driving to Buffalo for the day to see friends and enjoy a day out. Instead we went to separate masses so as to keep sick ones home.

I did manage to pull off Divine Mercy heart pancakes as a treat for the boys. And printed a picture to color of St. Faustina. And called that feast day a wrap.

And now we're here in a pile of sheets, with no bathroom sink, and on the last bits of this crunky cold. Beautiful weather is finally gracing these far reaches of Western NY, so we're enjoying as much sun as can be managed. I pretty much stop at napping outside, but all other activities - bring it on!

I hope your Easter Octaves were much less snotty and more celebratory than ours. Thank God for a full season of celebrating.

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  1. Toothbrushes are always a huge hit over here too! They get them in their Christmas stockings and in their Easter baskets and usually some time over the summer/in the fall too... They adore new toothbrushes! It's hilarious :)

    And that cake... Oh my goodness it looks delicious!!!

    1. I love when I can get the practical and fun gifts accomplished in one whack. =)


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