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60+ Ideas for Family Summer Fun

Summer is upon us! It has been a summer tradition for us the past 3 years to create some sort of Bucket List of all the activities we hope to accomplish. Some things show up from year to year, but we also try to come up with some new ones to try out each year. Since we have four voices and one grunter weighing in on this year's options, we haven't completely finalized our ideas for this summer. But since the warm days are beckoning, I wanted to share our favorites sooner than later!

I've clumped more than 50 ideas into 7 categories, and I would love to see which ideas you add to your list, so please let me know!

For the first category…

Try New Activities

This is what that summer free time is for! Make this time off count as a way to try out something you haven't been able to due to work, school, and schedules.

Go berry picking
Make your own paper
Make your own jam
Create a book goal list of books you want to read or just a numerical goal
Fly a kite
Make puppets and have a puppet show
Learn a new card game
See if your local library has a reading challenge
Make sun prints
Recycle cartons and jugs to make boats, then have a race!


Go New Places

Find a new park
Visit a museum you've never been to
Take a day trip to a nearby city or town
Go for a walk and wander down a street you've never been down in your neighborhood
Go hiking (extra point if you find a waterfall!)
Find a local county fair and attend
Go check out a nearby amusement or water park
Try out a splash park on a hot day

And in the "new" vein.

Try a New Food

Make your own ice cream
Try fondue
Experience breakfast in a new way in picnic form
Try out a country's cuisine that you haven't previously ever cooked (Ethiopian, Norwegian, Costa Rican???)
Make popcisles
Can your own tomatoes (sauce, ketchup…)
Can your own pickles
Buy your food for the week at a local Farmer's Market and see what you can create from what's growing locally
Make your own JellO from scratch
Plant your own herbs

Stretch Your Family (or even just yourself)

Have a shaving cream battle
Make elephant toothpaste
Plan a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt
Take the whole family to the movies (this could be in several categories, but for me it's a stretch since I have 3 under 6)
Attend a concert in the park
Buy some modeling clay and practice sculpting
Host a sundae party - you provide ice cream and guests bring toppings
Get super dirty and clean off with the hose
Go camping! Level of extreme correlates to what is a stretch for you.
Tie Dye - t-shirts, bandanas, tea towels

At the same time

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Build a tent and read stories aloud in it
Wash the car
Create a sidewalk chalk masterpiece
Drink slurpees (free on July 11 at 7-11 or make your own)
Do a new puzzle
Check out a classic film and have a movie night
Have a water balloon fight
Paint rocks
Keep a weather account for a week - predict in advance, then note what's happening outside throughout the day
Create an air fort of awesomeness
Have a family wide dance party (for some families this might be in the previous category)

Embrace Simple Things

Catch fireflies
Play 'rock paper scissors'
Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
Run through the sprinkler
Build a sandcastle
Make s'mores
Learn to identify trees and plants
Splash in rain puddles
Catch bugs and put in a "home" to observe - don't forget to release!
Feed the ducks

and lastly,

Enrich Your Faith

Learn a new prayer
Visit a monastery or convent
Visit a new church
Pray the Angelus every day at noon
Pray a daily/weekly/whatever is a challenge Rosary
Celebrate a feast day of a Saint that's special to your family
Commit to learning about a new saint once a week
Attempt a daily mass monthly or weekly if you're already doing that

After we get our list together, we then create our display - we have used clothespins with each item written on and also different forms of banners and buntings to show off our goals! I've found it helps keep it on my mind when the ideas are right in my face or at least something that brushes me when I round a corner. Plus the boys have fun helping to make it.

If you want to see past year's Summer Bucket list for the O family…

And I always keep a running Pinterest board devoted to Summer fun.

               Follow Sarah's board summertime + the living's easy on Pinterest.  

Hope your summer is as delightfully fun as I anticipate ours to be. Linking up with the ever awesome Kelly over This Ain't the Lyceum for my cleverly (or not so) categorizing my summer ideas into 7 categories.

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  1. I always love summer bucket list posts, but I really love the way you grouped these, Sarah <3 Excited to try this list-making fun tonight after supper as a family!

  2. Great list! Totally pinning this. :)


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