Friday, June 5, 2015

What's On Our Bookshelf: 7 New Books You Need to Check Out

Wow. Is it really a week into June already? Me Oh My. There's so much to catch up on. Our new car (much needed after what happened to our last one). A wrapping up of Year Numero Uno of official homeschooling. A pretty fabulous Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday Party, if I do say so myself.

And so many other things. Those will have to wait because for now I really only have enough brain power to share some books we've been LOVING. Our book basket - by basket, I mean shelf, but you get the point - has been overflowing with winners in the children's book department. And as I figure, you can never have too many gorgeous and enticing picture books, so here goes…


Mama Seeton's Whistle by Jerry Spinelli + illustrated by LeUyen Pham

This might be one of my new favorite top 5 books for children. It's right up there alongside The Seven Silly Eaters in my book. Family, details, and love in all the right places. A story of a mama's love that follows her children into adulthood. It's just so good, so make sure you check this one out first.


In by Nikki McClure

I'm always excited to see what new art creations Nikki McClure has come out with, and she never disappoints. Visually this one is right up there with her many other books that I love, but I have to say, this story might beat out some of her others. A little boy, his basket, and his imagination. That's pretty much the subject matter, but oh how much he can do with that!
I love stories that encourage creativity and imagination in young minds, and this one does that perfectly! I've noticed since reading this one that baskets have been taking on even more identities around our house.


My Pen by Christopher Myers

And on the subject of imagination and what it can do, here's another one along those same lines. This time a pen takes the place of the basket, but with his pen, the artist can embark on any adventure he wishes. This book is less of a story, and more of an encourager to dream big dreams. And the art of course, is lovely.


Brother Hugo and the Bear by Katy Beebe + illustrated by S. D. Schindler

A silly story, a piece of history, and a bit of bragging rights of yet another thing the Catholic Church is responsible for adding to culture and society. Brother Hugo loses his library book (the letters of St. Augustine, of course) to the mouth of a bear. Being from back in medieval times, he cannot simply pay a replacement fine. Instead he must recreate the manuscript. With a little help from his fellow monks, Brother Hugo starts at the beginning with a fluffy sheepskin and ends by wrapping it up with a leather binding.


A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat by Emily Jenkins + illustrated by Sophie Blackall

Another history and story two-for- one. This one following a blackberry dessert from the 18th century through to now with a story for each century. Four very different families, but each making the same food in the way best suited to the life and times in which they lived. This was a great eye opener for my boys to see that in the same way we might use an electric mixer now, 300 years ago a child might be beating cream with bundled twigs.


Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat by Philip C. Stead

If you don't already love Philip Stead, please start by checking out any and everything he's ever written. My introduction to him was about 3 years ago when I found A Sick Day for Amos McGee (which, P.S., is 44% off right now if you don't own it!). And since then, we have loved every single one of his books that we've read.
This book doesn't disappoint. A boy's parents trade his beloved stuffed bear, Frederick, for a toaster. Heartbroken, the boy sets off in a big blue boat in a attempt to find Frederick, and along the way he makes a whole new set of friends. Sweet, charming, and one you will want to read every night. At least for a week. =)


The Penderwicks in Spring by Jeanne Birdsall 

This one is semi-cheating since it's neither a picture book nor one that my boys have heard read out loud yet. I plan to start them on the original Penderwicks audio book this summer, and eventually we shall make it to this, the 4th book in the series. I love the Penderwick sisters (and now brother). The familial love and loyalty is one that is rarely shown in modern books, especially those for young adults and children. The girls are funny, ambitious, and all around real.
If you've read the others, this one takes a bit different turn and focuses more on the youngest, Batty, who has grown up into a delightful 10 year old who is scheming on money making ways to help earn money for music lessons. It's just as fun as the other three previous book and a fun summer read.
Plus if you're not into reading aloud, but you are into audio books, you can get this title for free with a 30 Day Audible Free Trial [Digital Membership]. Yay!

And there you have it. Seven new books to brighten up your bookshelves a bit. Linking up with my fave: Kelly today because… 7.  =)

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  1. Oh, these look SO good! Bookmarking to check if my library has them. Thanks, Sarah!

    1. I hope they do because they are all ones I would purchase, which says quite a bit. Good luck!

  2. You always have the best book suggestions!

  3. Replies
    1. Yay! I'd love to hear what you think after you read them. =)


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