Thursday, July 23, 2015

Where I'm At Today

Hello ever so patient and gracious readers!

I have had to take some unexpected time off from blogging just due to way so much more on my plate than I was planning for this summer. I miss writing and sharing and the community of it all though, so don't fear - I shall be back more regularly in the future. For now though it's going to be a post here and there for at least a few more weeks.

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How often do you find yourself stuck in the monotony of day-in and day-out life? You know, just the same ol’ same ol’. I know I often find myself in a never ending cycle of laundry and wiping up bite-sized pieces of grapes from the floor. The drudgery becomes a vicious vacuum that envelops my whole being.

For you, it might be a work, home, repeat cycle. Maybe it’s classes and exams that surround your every thought. Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed with how much life at its core is demanding from you today. It may seem that the nothingness is out of control; perhaps you can’t even figure out where God fits into the picture. 
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One way is the new Blessed Brunches that are being planned all over! I will be hosting one at the end of August/beginning of September timeframe for those in the Western NY area, so be on the lookout for more info about how you can join me for that.

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