Wednesday, October 14, 2015

7 Things That Have Kept Me From Blogging

Hey friends! Thanks for still checking in on me especially since I haven't exactly been super active here on the blog. I have been keeping the Facebook page up and I did start an Instagram, but not much writing has happened.

And there's nothing like a Link-toberfest to pull one out of a blogging slump. Even if I am days late in getting it up and published…

This is my first post in forevah, but I'll take it and celebrate with Kelly and the Gang honoring 7 (!!!) years of the 7 Quick Takes link-up. So here you go, a peek into where I've been.


First up, my baby brother got married this summer, which was a delightful time to be had. The wedding was a day before my anniversary in VA. So we trekked down south for almost a week, took a few days to spend time with my extended family on the way there and back to break up the trip. My new sister-in-law did an excellent job of pulling of a lovely DIY reception and had everything set up for us to step in and help out where we could. The whole thing was a whirlwind of ridiculous amounts of fun!

Learning Angry Birds skills the morning of the wedding.

Dominic was a Jr. groomsman and got to escort the two Jr. bridesmaids back down the aisle. I wish I could say that someone had captured his ear-to-ear smile as he proudly marched down, but I am pretty sure no one managed to capture that shot. It will have to just be the image I saved in my own memory. I am pretty sure it's an experience he will never forget - my little, typically shy, boy has shared this moment with so many people in the past two months.


End of August brought us to the beginning of our first official year of homeschooling. My son's birthday, of course, falls ON the cutoff date for NY state, so we had to register him this year. We did homeschool preschool and kindergarten, but our approach was heavily hands on learning and much less book, so this year is our first year with a schedule albeit a loose one.

Thus far it's been pretty fun most days. English and Math I've decided to stick to a set book and then for history and science, we're loosely following 2-3 week units with field trips, library books, and lots of reading, drawing, maps, conjecture, and so forth.


In mid-September my grandmother came for a whirlwind 3 day visit. She has the energy of a 5 year old, so we dragged her all over, counting it as a week full of field trips. One of the days we spent the whole day in Niagara Falls. I'd been there twice but never had the full tourist experience. So we did it all - boat ride under the falls, walking the scaffolding next to the American Falls, the aquarium, and a picnic lunch near the Niagara River. Exhausting day, but oh so fun!


A week after my grandmother headed home, we packed up and headed to Philidelphia… to see Papa Francisco! It was our first pilgrimage since becoming Catholic and along with seeing the Holy Father, celebrating with thousands of Catholics at the Family Festival, and attending mass with well over a million people, we also were able to see the traveling relics of St. Maria Goretti, visit the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, and meet Catholics from all over the country and several other countries as well.

Waving to Papa Francisco the THIRD time we got to see him!

The joy and love that spread through the city following mass on Sunday was in and of itself worth it. The whole city was alive with music (many of the pilgrims from Central and South American countries carried instruments with them), laughter, and all around goodwill. It was overall an experience to remember and memories to relish for years to come!


Something I am excited about that you might not be as excited as I am is that David has wrapped up his Master's degree, and we can finally start to make plans about what is next for our family! All you mamas out there who have husbands pursuing further education - I feel for you, and if we made it through, so can you.


Quick kid updates…
Dom is nearing his 6th birthday and is obsessed with Star Wars. The kid is a walking encyclopedia on all things canon. (You know we're real nerds when we differentiate canon from non). Art follows close behind as his other passion, and recently he's realized he can decorate all the walls by hanging his art about the house with some painter's tape rolled and stuck on the back.

Blaise is going through that hard middle child stage where he longs to be as cool as he perceives his older brother to be and still keep way ahead of a little brother who is now keeping up with him. Enter many tantrums and other attitude craziness. He also has discovered the wonder of painter's tape but uses it to "tie" together bundles of sticks and pinecones instead. He also has a collection of tp tubes, which entertain him so well he's managed to not get them thrown away by me.

Youngest little man is nearing 17 months and is still protesting walking. Adrian is adventurous in every way except standing and walking. Everything that can be climbed he has tried. He's not as much of a talker as his brothers were at this age, but he does say Hi to everyone he sees.


Last but not least. Since Kelly asked, this seems to be only my 23rd 7QT link-up on ye old blog. Guess I should link up more often. Especially since I thought I'd done way more. My most popular one by far was last year's 7 Quick Ways to Celebrate Martinmas, relevant because St. Martin of Tours' feast day is sneaking up again.

And there you have it! What have you been up to these past few months?

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  1. Such a great recap of a great summer!! Love hearing how different families start the homeschool journey. We're not quite there yet (oldest daughter is not yet 3), but we're having fun thinking about it and trying things out!!

    Sounds like an amazing pilgrimage!!! So many high points!

    My husband finished his MBA this summer. Solidarity, sister. It was a rough few years.

  2. I've never been to Niagara Falls. It sounds like you guys had a fun trip! Maybe we'll get up that way someday.

  3. I've learned that Facebook can really kill a blog impulse. This is my first visit, and I don't see anything after October.


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